Wednesday, July 18, 2012

5 Cyberbullying Tips to Help Moms & Dads Be Better Parents During Summer and Coming School Year


Learn the best practices to help protect your children from cyberbullying

Guest Post provided by uKnowKids 

Back-to-school Cyberbullying Tips for Parents
  • Set a good example: Kids learn from everything you do and will mirror your every action.
  • Talk about it before it happens: Make sure your child is prepared to identify cyberbullying and knows how to deal with an incident should it occur.
  • When you see it, address it: Whether it is bullying in your house or on your computer, if you discover a situation where your child is being bullied or bullying another child, it is your responsibility to intervene and stop it.
  • Talk about your House Rules What happens if your child gets caught being a cyberbully? Would you consider an amnesty policy for encouraging your child to tell you when something is wrong? Think about your house rules and discuss them with your whole family so everyone plays by the same rules.
  • Use a Parental Intelligence System: At the very least you should monitor your children‚ social media accounts.  Some parents choose to allow their child access with their knowledge but be aware that if you are not in control of their privacy settings, your kids can easily block what mom and dad see. works with companies and organizations to help parents protect their kids from child predators, sexting, and cyberbullying with a special focus on social networks and mobile phones and devices.

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