Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fun New Toy Increases Kids and Teens Reaction Time Brain Hands Eyes & Ears Coordination


Good things come in threes. Three's a charm. Even that age-old mom and dad threat, "I'm going to count to three." No I'm not exactly talking about my triplets -- again -- here. Instead, this post is all about Bop It! Smash the third new Bop It! interactive game from Hasbro that I've had the opportunity to review and share with you.

New Bop It! Smash from Hasbro for Ages 8+
After previously testing and writing about the Bop It! and the Bop It! XT I had thought I'd seen it all. Really.

I couldn't imagine that this fun family of battery-operated toys for kids ages 8 and up could get any better in the way of aiding the development of the younger generation's fine motor and thinking skills as well as all of their senses except for smell. Boy was I wrong.

The Bop It! Family from Hasbro
Clearly and simply Bop It! Smash picks up where Bop It! XT left off. 

"All the various Bop It! s work on the same basic concept and also turn off by themselves to save power," my 15 year-old triplet son explains. "However, the earlier two toys in this line rely primarily on ear to hand coordination to play them." 

"The brand new Bop It! Smash is different," he says because it brings the physical and mental interaction with the game to a whole new level that's focused mostly on hand to eye coordination. It's not just about listening and reacting as fast as you can which makes it a bit more challenging and fun. The music, especially, sharpens your auditory abilities because if you don't listen carefully it will confuse you."

My son tries out Bop It! Smash for the first time, Video by MommyBlogExpert

As you can see from the demo video of my teen giving this its first test drive Bop It! Smash does require intense concentration to score well in the game. It can be played sitting quietly and solo as is shown here, either indoors or outside. The volume can be increased and decreased, too, so as to not bother non-players and especially weary moms like me who are in ear shot of the device.

This can also be enjoyed in several other ways. As a pass it style game kids play by sitting or standing in a circle with their friends. Then all they have to do is set the Pass It switch which will automatically indicate when it's time to hand the game to the next player. It can also be switched to another mode called Multiplayer for a rousing competition between 2 to 6 players.

Bop It! Smash's fast-paced lights, sounds & music, Video by MommyBlogExpert

Both my son and I agree that this is a great way to entertain yourself and great option for relaxing after school or when taking a short break from homework. But because of these other player options we think this is really a fun and social game for guys and gals at parties for tweens and teens, too.

Demo batteries are included when you buy this product so you can play a little bit in the store to see how much fun this is prior to purchase. After you get this game home, though, you'll want to put in three new AAA batteries before playing with this for hours on end. Bop It! Smash from Hasbro retails for about $19.99 and is widely available where toys are sold in-store and online including buying it direct from the Hasbro consumer site.

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