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Apple Honey Dish Rosh Hashana Craft


Happy Rosh Hashanah
to all my Jewish Family & Friends!

Apple Honey Dish Made With Fresh Apple

Kids and adults alike will enjoy making this edible food art craft which uses a real apple. This project is among my favorite Rosh Hashanah Arts & Crafts and it is the perfect way to add something special to your table to celebrate the Jewish New Year.

Rosh Hashana 
Apple Honey Dish 

DIY Food Art Craft

Your guests -- young and old will enjoy this whimsical take on the traditional honey dish -- and will no doubt be impressed with your artistic talent too. Just make sure you take a photo of your project when it's done so you'll be able to remember how pretty and fun it looked on your holiday table. 

How to Directions:

1. Select and wash a large apple in variety of your choice that is as symetrical as possible.
2. Carefully take a take a small 1/8-1/4" crosswise slice off the bottom so the apple will not easily tip over.
3. For the lid: Leaving the stem (and leaves if any are present) intact, carefully cut the apple crosswise 1/2-3/4" from the top edge. 
4. For the honey dish: Working gently use a small spoon to carve our the inside of the apple, removing small amounts at a time until the apple dish has been created. Try to keep at least a 1/4-1/2" thickness to the outside apple skin both on the sides and on the bottom so your honey dish will not leak.
5. Put apple dish in center of a small festive plate (I used an antique custard dish on pedestal). Pour honey into the dish along with adding a decorative spoon (the one I've used is ceramic). Place the lid on your honey dish gently. Bring your creation to the table and watch your guests' reaction to this easy but elegant presentation.
6. Serve with homemade challah or freshly cut sliced apples for a sweet start to the Jewish New Year. Refrigerate apple dish with lid on wrapped in plastic wrap when not it use and it should keep for 2-3 days.

Shana Tova 
Hebrew Translation: Have a Good New Year!
From my home to yours...

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