Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to Be a Model Mom & Citizen by Voting in Today's Presidential Election

Election 2012

Me in an iPhone self portrait right after I voted today
This morning at 12:01 ten voters in the tiny village of Dixville Notch in northern New Hampshire the first votes of the 2012 Presidential Election were cast. This little town's quaint and unique early poll opening carries on a tradition that goes back to the 1960 election that ended with John F Kennedy being elected as our President of the United States. 
But the amazing thing is that this year Dixville Notch's results are unprecedented: Of the ten townsfolk who voted today, exactly half voted for President Obama and the other half chose Mitt Romney. Imagine that, exactly 50-50!

With those kinds of neck-and-neck early results in already as well as the reality that most political analysts are predicting a very close race, this year's election quite possibly could end up being the closest ever on record. Which means, more than any other election, every vote really does count and each registered voter should make every effort possible to cast your ballot before your local poll closes today.

Longer than usual lines to vote today at polling places around L.A. 
The old-fashioned punch card method is still used in California
I voted early today right after I dropped my triplets off at high school here in California not only marking my ballot for my choice for President but also selecting various others running for U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative and a few at the state and local levels. I also did my homework in advance so I could vote quickly but intelligently on the many important propositions to be decided in my state this year such as Prop 35 which is aimed at stopping the horrific human trafficking going on here in L.A., as well as in San Francisco and San Diego and other areas around the Golden State.

My polling place at the neighborhood park rec center was all about patriotism 
So when your kids come home from school today and inquire, "Mommy, Did you vote today?" You'll be able to say "Yes" proudly and show them that I Voted sticker that you know they're going to be asking about. I know for sure my own children will be checking up on me to make sure I did my civic duty tonight when they get home from school.

Just think about it. You'll be setting a wonderful example for your children by your actions on Election Day that relays to them that you really care about America, your state, and local community and by extension that you are doing your part to create a better tomorrow not only for your own child but for all American families.

My own four children may be teenagers, but still the whistful image below that I captured this morning is my favorite...

A mom brings her young daughter with her to vote in L.A. earlier today
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