Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Children of America Dolls Ethnic Quality Affordable Toys for Girls Holiday Gift Idea


I'm a Baby Boomer whom you'll often see me reminiscing about the fabulous 1960s here on MommyBlogExpert. I guess you could call me hopelessly nostalgic because there's plenty I miss from those days gone by. Full-size candy bars that cost only 15 cents, a loaf of bread that sold for a quarter, stylishly dressed women wearing hats and gloves to work each day and neighborhoods so safe kids as young as kindergarteners could walk to school alone. These are just of the things that I wish still existed, but sadly are gone forever, all in the name of progress and the passage of time.

I still have this 1960s era first doll my parents gave me
Thankfully one thing that has changed for the better is dolls. Back in the day these were largely depicted as Caucasian like my first doll which I still own today.  In fact as a child I'm sad to say that I don't remember ever seeing a doll that was anything but White Anglo. That would definitely not fly in today's politically correct and ethnically conscious society. Modern day dolls -- which continue to be popular with little girls even in high tech 2012 -- are not only much nicer now than the ones I grew up with, they are also truly representative of the modern multi cultural world we live in.
Dolls in 2012 have come a long way, Image from Children of America Dolls
The good news is you don't have to spend over $100 on a gorgeous new first doll for that special little lady in your life to get a toy as exquisite -- and all about cultural diversity -- as the one you see pictured wearing a wonderfully colorful and coordinated hip outfit complete with orange and lace leggings. Thanks to the newly-introduced Children of America Dolls (COAD) collection you can buy a very affordable classic heirloom quality doll that's priced at just under $35 which is much more in touch with the realities of today's average family budget. 

The doll is available in four choices embracing current ethnic culture awareness and diversity from Hispanic to African-American to Asian and even blonde blue-eyed Caucasian. Making it even more realistic, each doll has her own back story. This line was created with kids ages 4-8 in mind but seasoned collectors will undoubtably appreciate this too. Each of the different products in the Children of America Dolls collection consists of a 13" doll with expressive facial details, a soft cloth body, vinyl extremities and rooted hair that's precision-made and comes complete with a trendy and fully-accessorized outfit. 

As you can see from the video above and pictures below that I shot for this review post featuring my very happy little girl product tester with the Mia Doll from Children of America Dolls, this line is not endowed with beauty alone. It is also durable and so realistic, encouraging lots of healthy interactive play for your child.
Mia comes in a big see-through box ready to give to a lucky little girl
"Neither me or my doggie can wait to tear into this Children of America Dolls box."
"Now to get this pretty doll out of the package so I can start playing with it."
"We sure do look alike, don't you think?"

"Hey, this is so fun. Her arms really move and I can dress this pretty doll."
"Children of America Dolls mirror today's youth in their appeal and authentic ethnic diversity, most specifically reflected in the latest 2010 U.S. Census," explains Mary Eubanks, creator, founder and retired school teacher and counselor. "These facilitate healthy early childhood development because each doll is designed to deliver messages about the value of developing positive self-esteem and personal nurturing."

Painstaking attention to facial, hair, clothing and accessory details are all apparent in each of the Children of America Dolls. But don't take my word for it. Take a close look at these product images to virtually meet each of the dolls in this fabulous foursome: Andrea, Brianna, Ashley and Mia.

Andrea represents the Hispanic culture, Image from Children of America Dolls
Beautiful Brianna is African-American, Image from Children of America Dolls

Ashley is blonde with blue eyes, Image from Children of America Dolls
Mia stands up for Asian diversity, Image from Children of America Dolls
Each of the dolls Andrea, Brianna, Ashley and Mia in the Children of America Dolls collection is boxed ready for gift giving and priced at $34.99.  All are available online direct from and may also be purchased in select toy stores in Southern California including Dinosaur Farm Store in Pasadena and The Dollmakers Store in Monrovia. Stay up to date on COA Dolls news by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. These dolls are great! I love that my kids can find one that looks a little like them and that I don't have to spend more than $100 to do it. These seem like a lot of fun and they're quite affordable.

  2. Your blog surprised me will the dolls. This looks like a lovely kit.I repeatedly showm this to my daughter.She enjoyed a lot.