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Kids Digital Video Camera Helmet Board Mount Sports Action Review + $300 Val GIVEAWAY

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Here's a great gift idea for active kids ages 7 and up and adults that are into sports like cycling, rip sticking, skateboarding, snow boarding, skiing and even those who get their kicks from traversing zip lines and other extreme thrill activities. Come to think of it, the Action Shot Digital Video Camera from Jakks Pacific is so much fun for tweens and teens to use to capture all the action and stunts that you might even be able to get a sedentary child off the couch and outside to get some fresh air as well as increase their physical fitness movement if you give them this Christmas present.

Image from Action Shot
The Action Shot Camera is a portable mini-camera that not only can be mounted to a helmet, but also can be attached to bike bars and boards for a unique action-packed first person perspective. This is ideal for documenting cycling sports like motorcycling, BMX, motocross, road biking, and unicycle as well as just about any extreme sports where you wear a helmet like zip lining, rock climbing, skating, snow boarding and downhill and cross country skiing.

My own kids -- triplets, age 15-1/2 and big brother just one year older -- are all athletic so this is a blast for them to get to test drive for this review. My oldest son has already tried it while road biking and my daughter is going to be rip sticking with this over the weekend.

Also my hubbie and I can't wait to take turns with our children seeing what the Action Shot Digital Video Camera can do the next time we go on a zipline and whilst we are skiing and snowboarding later this season at Mammoth Mountain, California, our favorite family haunt for Winter sports.
The dual purpose camera shoots video at 30 frames per second in Standard Def or 60 frames per second via its compact QVGA Resolution 24mm lens. After kids are done recording their live action adventures and have Wi-Fi access on a Mac or PC computer or laptop, they can upload the footage, editing with free online software and then posting and sharing the excitement with friends and family. Users can also capture maximum still 640 x 380 res photos in standard mode or shoot several images at once with the stop frame mode. 

Priced at just $49.99, the highly functional Action Shot Camera that we tested is a great alternative to much more pricey cameras in this category. This digital video camera comes boxed with 128MB onboard memory and includes the Click & Grip Mounting Case, Mini USB to USB Connector & Charger, head/helmet mounting kit with strap and board mount with adhesive.

Image from Action Shot
I also received the Micro SD Card (sold separately) that's recommended to increase the camera memory. If you need help with finding the correct removable micro media card see How to Choose the Right SD Memory Card. The other product I received for this review is the Action Shot Mounting Accessories Kit which sells for $24.99 and includes a bike mount, an angle mount, a carrying storage bag, two board mounts and adhesive for attaching mounts.

Other Action Shot products include
  • HD Action Shot Camera $99.99
  • Portable Video Viewer Attachment $29.99
  • Water Proof Case $19.99
  • High Impact Protective Case $9.99
Stay tuned. I'll be posting some footage from this camera later, after the kids have time to edit their work during the holiday school break.

Meanwhile: Guess what? I've got some really great news for you. You're in luck because right now Action Shot is holding an awesome Holiday Giveaway to win an impressive prize package!

Image from Action Shot Facebook Contest
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Visit the Action Shot Camera site for more information about their complete product line and where you can buy it. To stay up to date on the latest news from the brand, you can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

FTC Disclosure: This review was made possible by Mom SparkMedia. Thoughts are my own. I received an Action Shot Camera and this separate Action Shot Mounting Kit for the purpose of this review. See complete FTC Disclosure information that appears at the bottom of MommyBlogExpert's main page and at the bottom of every individual post on this blog, including this one.

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