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10 Best Purim Kids Crafts Activities - Free Holiday projects Jewish Families Will Love


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10 Kids Crafts & Activities that Celebrate Purim

Recycled Purim Basket
This newsprint woven basket is not only pretty and functional, it's eco friendly too and would make the perfect Purim Basket don't you think? From Spoonful, How To

Printable Games
There's a huge 13-page Purim Activity Pack that is just waiting for you to access. From Jewish, Download 

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Miniature Puppets
Aren't these handmade Miniature Purim Dolls clever? All you need to make the holiday's characters Esther, Mordechai, King Ahashverosh and Wicked Haman are close pins, some fabric scraps, clothes pins and a bit of creativity.  From Kveller, How To

Templates for some really nice masks representing all the characters of Purim are printable and ready to color and decorate. From Hadassah, Download

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Esther's Crown
Here's an easy but glitsy queen tiara to make for that wanna be Queen Esther that uses pipe cleaners and beads to create. From Making Friends, How To 

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Hat for a Fashionist
This Bonnet that you craft with Crayola Model Magic air drying clay can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. The perfect accessory for the well-dressed kid costume. From Crayola, How To
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Table Centerpiece
A basket of flowers like this that your child can go to town coloring would be a beautiful centerpiece on the Purim Seudah table. From Crayola, How To

Coloring Book
If your child likes to color with crayons, definitely print out this wonderfully illustrated coloring book. From Chabad, Download

This adorable Bubble Guppie Tambourine craft will definitely be fun for your child to shake when they read the Megillah at the synagogue. From Nick Jr., How To

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3 Corner Haman's Hat
And what would Purim be without big, bad Haman and his equally bad black hat. Here's one that's so easy to make even those of you that are crafting challenge will be able to say with pride, "I made it myself." From Bible Belt Balabusta, How To

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