Monday, February 4, 2013

Central America Smartphone Images Seen Thru Nokia Lumia 822 Carl Zeiss Tessar Camera Lens


All images in this post captured with the Nokia Lumia 822 

My rugged teenage son has truly bonded with the Nokia Lumia 822 that was sent to us recently for test and review by Verizon Wireless. In fact, ever since he started using this about a month and a half ago he can't seem to put it down. Literally, he's been raving pretty much non-stop about what he enjoys most about it -- and believe me there is plenty to love about this smart phone.

My tech savvy 17 year-old kayaking on Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
The ability to personalize his experience with everything that the Windows 8 platform offers to set up a smartphone that perfectly matches his active lifestyle is way up on my 17 year-old's like list, for sure. However in this post I'd like to delve deeper into something he and I find even more worthy of showcasing: the two premium cameras that are built into this sleek and cool device.

One of my girls with a giant grasshopper on leaf, Costa Rica
Costa Rica is really green because it always seems to be raining
Thanks to the Nokia Lumia 822's auto focus front- and rear-facing 8-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Tessar Lens and dual LED flash, my son was able to capture many incredible still and video images of our recent family Central American vacation to Mexico City, Costa Rica and Panama. Clearly, my son has been inspired by the world class photography of National Geographic Magazine.

In particular, as you can see from the small selection of photos included with this story, the wide angle lens did a great job of shooting people, animals and the many beautiful natural and city skyline landscapes we saw along the way. Depth, clarity, colors and details -- both closeup and afar -- are shown in a variety of weather and lighting conditions both indoors and outside.

Exotic rainforest flowers on one of several jungle hikes in Costa Rica 
You can almost feel this Coatimundi 's thick fur coat, Costa Rica
Closeup Salvador Dali sculpture, Museo Soumaya, Mexico City
Panama City, Panama City Skyline at Sunset
Speaking of video images taken with this smartphone's camera, the New Year's fireworks as seen from our high rise Panama City, Panama hotel were absolutely stunning....

When you're on vacation creating memories with your family, the pictures you take are essential to taking those recollections of a wonderful trip back home. Though you can never quite recreate the feeling of actually being there, the photos taken on our latest exotic family adventure with the Nokia Lumia 822 come pretty darn close. 

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