Friday, February 15, 2013

Spring Garden Planning & Planting That Makes Home Organic Gardening More Eco Friendly


Wistfully I recall last summer's garden. It may still be freezing cold in many parts of the country now -- it was in the 30s last night here in sunny California -- but it's time to start thinking about spring and planning your garden. Spring is indeed a time for renewal and new growth, making gardening one of my greatest seasonal pleasures. And there's nothing like receiving a big box from garden expert Gardener's Supply Company of Burlington, Vermont to get me fired up about planning and planting a spring and summer organic herb and vegetable garden again.

My Summer 2012 organic herb & vegetable garden is but a memory
The contents of Gardener's Supply Company box that I received
Pictured above is what was in that uplifting package that just arrived on my doorstep
  • Peel Away 4" Seedling Pot Kit
  • Peel Away 2" Seeding Pot Kit
  • Organic Germinating Mix
  • Super Bush Tomato - Renee's Seeds
  • Profumo di Genovo Basil - Renee's Seeds
  • Gardeners Spring 2013 Catalog
Image from Gardener's Supply Company
In particular, I can't wait to try the Peel Away pots which are new this year and exclusively available from Gardener's. These reusable pots are made using VELCRO brand fabric that actually breathes and promotes early stage healthy, dense root growth, with the sides literally peeling off when it's time to transfer the seedlings into the garden. Since I'm not only an organic gardener, I'm also devoted to living a green lifestyle, I am intrigued by the idea of an environmentally friendly planting pot that I can reuse instead of contributing more trash to an overstuffed landfill.

Gardener's Peel Pots are collapsible for storage at the end of the growing season
In a series of upcoming posts I'll be showing you step by step how to use these ingenious little pots to plant seedings indoors and then how to transplant them to your outdoor garden when the weather is right. I'll also be reporting live from my organic garden in our side yard throughout the growing season to keep you up to date as well as to share the most joy of all -- harvest time.

In winter our Persimmon tree is still bare, when buds appear spring is near
Meanwhile it's still chilly outside. So you, I and garden hobbyists everywhere need to get back to dreaming and paging through those catalogs, planning our summer plots, and ordering seeds and everything else that we'll need for planting time.

A small part of last year's very tasty organic garden harvest
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