Thursday, March 7, 2013

Paper Plate Dog Barrier Prevents Licking So Rash Heals Eco Alternative to Elizabethan Collar


Yes, in case you're wondering, that really is a paper plate that our dog is wearing around his neck.

Dexter models his DIY medical equipment
Seriously. Kids are so darned resourceful. Yesterday our miniature pinscher Dexter had a rash on his belly. So to keep him from licking it while it heals, our clever 15 year-old daughter came up with this innovative solution. She made this in just a few minutes by cutting out a hole in a rigid paper plate, creating an impromptu barrier between his head and body to keep him away from the inflamed area. And guess what -- It worked!

Sure beats the expense of having to take the little guy to the vet and buy an Elizabethan Collar, on of those big plastic cone-shaped contraptions that looks like you're wearing an inverted lamp shade around your neck. Not only is the Elspas invention of a new paper plate application more economical and convenient, it is eco friendly and bio degradable too.

He looks kind of cute & doesn't seem to mind wearing a paper plate!
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  1. Thanks for the idea, I just did it, it looks like there's no discomfort in my Chihuahua