Thursday, March 28, 2013

Recycling is a Beautiful Thing Saving Precious Natural Resources While Also Creating Art

Eco Friendly Art

As a mom blogger striving to lead my family in living a greener lifestyle, I'm in constant search of new inspiration for living more eco responsibly, more creatively and with more joy.

Check out this short video produced by Arrowhead Water to see some stunningly beautiful art that can be created from the most simple recyclables...

After seeing this, like me, perhaps you and your kids will be moved to create your own masterpiece with some household recycled items you might normally throw out or toss into your own family recycling bin.

As loyal readers already know, I am passionate about sharing my own ideas with you about how to recycle more as well as supporting both corporate and non-profit recycling initiatives here on MommyBlogExpert that I truly believe in. 

Writing about topics like 5 Easy Ways to Conserve More Water and How to Recycle Old Computers & Electronics and more on this blog. I also enjoy publishing posts about easy and creative DIY recycled craft projects for kids, moms, dads and others like Eco Friendly Gifts to Make for Valentine's Day and Transforming Every Day Materials Into Art.

Colorful Bottle Cap Mural at my Kids School
Saving precious natural resources while also creating new art. Yes, Recycling is a Beautiful Thing, indeed.

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