Friday, March 1, 2013

Tablet SmartPhone Gloves Warm Hands When It's Cold Outside


Isn't it annoying when it's chilly outdoors and you have to take your gloves off every time you want to use your iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet, other hand held mobile device or camera? Yeah, I know the feeling. I can totally relate because as both a blogger and a mom on the go with four kids -- including one that takes trapeze lessons -- I suffered chronically with that problem ever since I acquired my first iPhone over four years ago. 

The trapeze net is reflected in my iPhone alongside my pair of NuTouch Gloves
As luck would have it I had the opportunity to test out NuTouch Gloves by Newer Technology who's products I've reviewed before. This time I discovered a good solution for comfortably using touch-screen devices outside and in the car when it's cold outside.

Now I don't have to endure freezing cold hands and fingers each time I want to check my email, Tweet or check Facebook for status updates. I carry my pair everywhere I go. I wore them on my flight to International Consumer Electronics Show CES in January when it was freezing cold in the cabin, too. I'm even wearing these indoors at home right now because our heat is turned off to reduce energy consumption whilst I'm typing out this blog post on my desktop Mac Mini computer keyboard.
I wore my NuTouch Gloves enroute on this flight to Las Vegas for International CES 2013
On the slopes at Mammoth Mountain, CA NuTouch Gloves were under my ski gloves
Thanks to a unique conductive fiber that's woven into all ten fingertips of these soft cotton blend gloves you can type, tap, swipe and scroll on your device and keep your hands warm at the same time. I've tested these in the car as well as worn them as glove liners while skiing at Mammoth Mountain, at my daughters' nighttime winter soccer games and, most recently, during brisk winter days on the Santa Monica Pier while photographing one of my teenage sons flying on the trapeze at the Trapeze School New York here in Los Angeles. Brrr it can be really cold out there when its down in the upper 30s on the beach in the early morning on a foggy day. 

Here's my almost 16 year-old triplet son in action flying on the trapeze high above the beach in Santa Monica. This is definitely not as easy as it looks and takes lots of practice!

NuTouch Gloves are hand washable and are available in classic charcoal gray in four sizes that will fit just about any size hand from small to extra large. These gloves work well for both women and men. 

My only wish as a fashion conscious woman is that since I wear gloves so much I wish they came in more solid colors and perhaps some fun prints to match whatever I'm wearing. Actually, here's another idea too: Why not offer even smaller sizes since kids -- who are forever losing their gloves when they take them off -- seem to be acquiring all the coolest electronics at such an early age and their hands get cold too?

Image provided by Newer Technology
NuTouch Gloves retail for $19.99 and are available online and at select retailers.

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