Monday, March 25, 2013

VTech Connect to Cell Cordless Phone Review DS6511-15 Better Mobile Functionality at Home


It seems that smartphones are getting all the glory these days and that home phone landlines are headed toward certain extinction in the not too distant future. Hold it, not so fast I say. Wait till I clue you in on the VTech Connect to Cell Cordless Phone DS6511-15. With this cool product from VTech Communications, manufacturers of a range of cord and cordless phone systems, you can make and receive landline and cellular calls with the dependability and comfort of a home phone system.
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Just imagine the possibilities. Using this with your Bluetooth-enabled cell or smartphone you can avoid sprinting through the house like I was doing before cellular calls end up in voicemail. You can also make and receive cell calls through this home phone system and avoid lower quality -- like signal dead spots -- you may be experiencing while on the run with your mobile device. 

In addition to a landline, this VTech device can handle two different cell phones and is expandable up to five handsets using just one phone jack by adding on the DS6501-15 which is sold separately. 

This is easy to setup so you can use it shortly after taking it out of the box. Just upload the app to your cell that is available for Android operating system 2.1 or higher or BlackBerry 6.0 or more. Then, place the base unit in your home wherever you get the best cell reception and you'll be able to use your cell handset anywhere in the house within range.

The best part of all is that the VTech Connect to Cell Cordless Phone works with or without a subscription to your local telephone service making it equally ideal for homes where there is both a landline and one or more cell phones and in cellular only households.

Features that work in tandem with your subscribed phone services
  • Caller ID and Call Waiting with storage of up to 50 calls
  • Voicemail Waiting Indicator
See full product description for more details

VTech Connect to Cell Cordless Phone DS6511-15 is Energy Star qualified. The product is widely available online and in store. List price is $39.95.

Founded in 1976, VTech Communications is the world’s largest manufacturer of cordless telephones. Their lineup includes a wide range of stylish and functional products including corded and cordless telephones and accessories.

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