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Earth Day Reuse Reduce Recycle Family EverydayEffect Pinterest Contest to Win Washer

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It's Earth Day. What better day than today to challenge yourself and institute some new small ways for your family to reuse, reduce and recycle that collectively can make a very big impact? That's what we have done at our house. So in this post I'm going to share our ideas in the hope that it will inspire you and your kids to think of even more ways that we can all help the Earth by living a greener lifestyle.

My middle triplet gets creative w/ empty cereal boxes
Speaking of inspiration, all you have to do is open your eyes and look all around you. In fact, get your children involved because I bet they'll think of eco friendly things you can do that you would have never imagined yourself. Kids truly are the masters when it comes to creative problem solving, don't you think?

Recycling bottle caps into art is a Beautiful Thing
When you were a child weren't you more fascinated with the big box than with the new washing machine that came inside? I know I was and I also know from being the mom of four kids born within a year, including triplets, that youngsters always seem to be so innovative when it comes to repurposing and creating toys with found objects. Really, think about it. Who doesn't have some empty boxes laying around that you can give to your little ones to engineer something really fun and awesome? Something else you can do with your child is make some clever eco friendly DIY kids crafts together like cute robots made from empty tin cans.

A great way to cut down a bit on energy consumption is to take your kids on an educational field trip to see how fast your electric meter is turning outside your house. Then have them walk around inside and see how many different things in the house use electricity and encourage them to guess which ones they think use the most power. The next step is to ask your young electrical analysts to make a list -- with your help -- of some easy things your family can do like turning off lights and turning the thermostat up or down to slow down that meter that's spinning out of control. Did you know: Even washing clothes with cold water saving energy.

For sure kids today are so much more aware of eco friendly practices than when I was growing up. In fact it seems many families recycle nowadays simply because their kids learned about it at school and came home and insisted that the family recycle more. So, if you and your kids are already avid recyclers of paper, cans, and bottles like we are, you're definitely on the right track. Take it one step further and together with your children educate yourselves about what other ways you can recycle. Two simple recycling ideas to a achieving a cleaner, greener home come to mind immediately: recycling broken and obsolete computers and electronics and composting your kitchen scraps.
Costa Rica is dedicated to recycling and saving rainforests
As you can see small steps can and really do add up and they do make a BIG difference. Don't wait. Get in on the #EverydayEffect now, because Earth Day isn't just today -- in reality it's every day. 

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