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HTC Droid DNA Mom Friendly Android Apps from Verizon Help Busy Families With Kids


This story, my final post in a three-part series, spotlights my fave mom friendly apps that come pre loaded on the new Droid DNA by HTC smartphone driven by Android Jelly Bean from Verizon. In my first post on this wireless product I wrote about 4 Cool Things About the Droid DNA from my 17 year-old son's perspective. This was followed by a second post from the fashionista female perspective called Painting and Pinning the Town Red with the Droid DNA. Actually I am so in love with the crimson color and style of this phone it has inspired an entire Pinterest page called Red Style.

The Droid DNA by HTC is gorgeous and sleek w/ red accents
As a mom of four teens all born within a year, including triplets plus one, life just keeps getting busier. Serious school sports competitions, drama club, guitar lessons, volunteer work, learning to drive and college applications -- to name just a few activities -- our family's to do list never seems close to being finished. If you have kids I'm betting your own schedule is as busy or even more crazy hectic than mine.

Droid DNA Pre-installed Apps, Image from Android Headlines
The Droid DNA comes with 51 apps that will help you get the most out of this smartphone, hopefully giving you more sanity to do the best job possible as a mommy. Obviously, no one will use them all and you'll want to pick and choose the apps that make sense for you and your own lifestyle. You also have the option to delete just about any of the pre-installed ones you don't need and, of course, there are many more great Android apps that moms will appreciate that are available for download that you can always add to your device. 

As I discovered there really is something here for just about everyone to choose from among the apps this smartphone includes -- even for harried mothers like me. 

My top three picks of mom friendly Droid DNA pre-installed apps include Audible, Zappos and Slacker Radio. Here's why I like each of these.

I love to read but because life is so busy I often listen to books on tape when I'm driving carpool after I've dropped my kids off or before I pick them up. Audible claims to offer the largest selection of digital audio books available. Use this to read or listen to your favorite titles as well as find out about author chats, navigate through chapters and more.

As a mom, I prefer online shopping to stores for shoes & clothes
What mom doesn't love shoes and/or clothes? This app is essential if you want to shop online for shoes and clothes for yourself, hubbie and/or the kids. Using Zappos app you'll have everything at your fingertips to search, browse, collect your favorites and most important purchase the latest fashions and accessories.

Slacker Radio
No mom with children should consider herself a slacker because as we all know a mother's work is never done. So don't let the name of the Slacker Radio app make you think otherwise. For sure whether I'm in the car or on the run music is a source of comfort and enjoyment for me as I taxi (or wait for) my teens who many times seem to need to be in four different places at once. This app gives you access to millions of songs and hundreds of expert programmed stations as well as endless options for personalizing your free listening experience. Life is busy with kids, so you may as well sing along or just sit back and enjoy the music.

Me, Hubbie & Four Kids White Water Rafting in Costa Rica, 2012
While it's true that being a mom is never a picnic, I can't imagine living a life any less busy without my children. Come to think of it, I can't imagine a life without a smartphone with so many useful app options to make running a family more efficient and more joyful either.

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