Friday, May 10, 2013

Avocados Make Dog Cat Coats Shine Improve Pet Health - Avoderm Natural Food Challenge #ad


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I am an unashamedly hopeless animal lover and adore dogs in particular, especially our family pet miniature pinscher Dexter who makes frequent appearances on MommyBlogExpert. Both my little four-legged guy and I support no-kill animal shelters and we never miss a great dog festival like the annual 90210 Woofstock in Beverly Hills. I'm also conscious of what I feed my children and hubbie and that concern overflows onto what goes into our doggie's tummy. So when I learn about great pet food products like AvoDerm® Natural premium dog and cat foods that improve the health and quality of pet lives, I feel it's important to share that information with my readers.

Poster Dog Dexter poses like a pro
Avocados piled high at my supermarket, Image by
In this post I want to let my fellow pet lovers know about the AvoDerm Challenge so you can see a softer, shinier coat on your feline or canine in just six weeks. That's right. The brand guarantees it because AvoDerm® Natural premium dog and cat foods are specifically formulated to produce those kinds of enhancements in your pet's life.
Image provided by AvoDerm
The entire AvoDerm line is indeed great tasting and healthy, fortified with the quality nutrition your pet's body and soul need: meat proteins, rich in omega 3 and six fatty acids from natural avocados. According to the brand not only will your dog or cat's coat shine it helps maximize the overall good health of your animal. Who knows, it might even actually extend your beloved pet's life span.
AvoDerm Chicken Meal & Brown Rice for Adult Dogs, Image from AvoDerm
Now I have some great news. Everyone who signs up for the AvoDerm Challenge gets a $5 coupon and the opportunity to enter AvoDerm’s sweepstakes for a chance to win a year’s supply of AvoDerm. That's a win-win situation for us all don't you think?

Image provided by AvoDerm
Get your $5 Coupon & Enter the Sweepstakes

Dexter Says Sign Up for the 
Dexter loves to eat good food & treats so take it from an expert
AvoDerm is available in pet stores, specialty shops and online. Keep up to date on AvoDerm news as well as learn about other future special offers by visiting the official AvoDerm website where you'll find lots of info plus a store locator. You can also stay in the know by following AvoDerm on Facebook and Twitter.
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