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How Life Insurance Protects Kids and Why Moms & Dads With Children Need to Have It

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It's not the kind of thing that most parents with young kids want to discuss, let alone even to think about. I know personally with four children including two sons and two daughters, I wasn't always comfortable having a chat about something that implies that my hubbie and/or I could die suddenly and might not be around to watch our kids grow up. 

The reality is, though, that life insurance actually is a very important topic to educate yourself about especially for moms and dads who are young, healthy and who have children. After all, none of us know what tomorrow will bring and each of us needs to make sure that our family will be taken care of financially if, G-d forbid, anything should happen to us and one or both parents meet an untimely sudden death.

My family after recently being named Family of The Year

For a lot of us life insurance can be overwhelming
  • What is life insurance any way? 
  • What are the differences between universal and term life policies?
  • How do I avoid falling victim to a scam? 
  • What does it cost and how will I afford it?
  • Who can help me make the right decisions for my family? 
These are just some of the multitude of questions you likely have which Genworth Financial can answer.

Now that we've finally broached the inevitable together -- our own mortality -- we can move on and discuss life insurance itself. After all, now it's pretty easy to see why parents who work outside the home should be insured because if something happens to them there will be no one to pay the bills. 

But what about those who work part-time and stay at home moms and dads -- they don't need insurance because they have little or no income, right? Wrong. That's because they also provide a range of services that are essential to the family and household like childcare, cooking, cleaning, errands -- yes, even helping the kids with homework and making science projects -- and much more. 

Here's why stay-at-home parents need to get life insurance to insulate your kid's financial future, too.

Ultimately none of us wants to even think about what it would be like for the family members we leave behind if we were tragically killed in a car accident or suffered a fatal heart attack or stroke. But, at the same time, I don't know a single parent who wouldn't want their children to be completely taken care in every way if something horrific happened. That's where life insurance comes in and -- because no size fits all -- it's a good thing there are companies like Genworth that will work with you to go over the options you have and help you get the best kind of coverage so you have ensured financial protection for all your loved ones.

It might be hard to open the conversation on this topic but once you do and you've acted upon securing adequate financial protection for your family, it will give you peace of mind knowing that you have done the right thing. I can't imagine a better way to take some of the financial worries out of your life so you can enjoy all those day-to-day moments with your growing family more. Life insurance without a worry in the world -- what a great concept.

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