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Review Rod Stewart Time Album First Music Release in 20 Years for Best Selling Solo Artist


Tonight's The Night! Literally and figuratively. That's because Rod Stewart's first album in more than 20 years will be released at midnight TONIGHT. As a blogger I couldn't be more thrilled to have received an advance copy of this Grammy Living Legend's and two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer's brand new Time album to review and share with MommyBlogExpert readers.

The Time album was shot in Malibu, California
This is a pretty big deal for me, considering that this iconic British songwriter singer -- back in the day known by the nickname Rod the Mod -- is one of the best selling music artists of all time with six consecutive number one albums, 62 hit singles and more than 100 million records sold to date.
Rod Stewart, 2013, Image from
Me in a photo taken just last week 
I was a child living on the East Coast when Rod's music first hit the charts in the 60s. I live in Los Angeles now, though. So as inspiration for this post, I decided to take a short drive down to the landmark Capitol Records Building in Hollywood where Rod's new album was recorded while I listened to the rock star's newest tunes in the car along the way.

Capitol Records Building, Hollywood as it looked this afternoon
Closeup of Capitol Records looking West
Front door of Capitol Tower is along the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Before I go on with the review, I invite you now to take a little stroll with me down memory lane traveling back to the sensational 70s.

Check out the mod clothes Rod's wearing on stage for this BBC performance, 1971! 

It's been a long twenty years without any new material from Rod, for sure. I'm a Baby Boomer who grew up adoring Rod Stewart and have fond memories of dancing to his music in high school and college. As a matter of fact I must admit that the oldies but goodies like Maggie MayTonight's The Night, the hit single for his 1976 A Night On the Town Album, and other great Stewart tunes are still among my favorite classic rock songs.

Stewart performing in Oslo Norway, 1976
My Dad took this picture of me in 1976
The new Time album includes 12 original new tracks including 11 songs that 68 year-old Rod, who's given name is Roderick David Stewart, wrote himself. To be completely truthful I didn't really like any of his new songs much the first time I listened to the entire album end to end. I think that's because I was looking for a continuance of the former Stewart singing style I knew and loved from the 1970s. To me it seemed like his new stuff was just watered down, old lady's music and -- except for the first two kind of upbeat songs on the album -- it was either downright sad and depressing or at the other extreme overly exhuberant.

Then I found out otherwise. The entire album I soon discovered is truly biographical. Explains Stewart, "Something about that process of reviewing my life for the book (biography) reconnected me and that was it: I was away. Suddenly, ideas for lyrics were piling up in my head. Next thing I knew I had a song called It's Over about divorce and separation."

Rod's guitar is ever present in the new album Time
What's particularly poignant is that the singer was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2000, underwent surgery the same year and that he had to relearn how to sing again afterward. Also influencing his music today is the fact that he is the father of eight children with five different women -- the oldest born in 1963, the youngest in 2011 -- and that he has been involved with many high profile ladies over the years and has wed three times (since 2007 he has been married to Penny Lancaster, age 42).

The Song Lineup on Time includes:

1. She Makes Me Happy 
2. Can’t Stop Me Now 
3. It’s Over 
4. Brighton Beach 
5. Beautiful Morning 
6. Live The Life 
7. Finest Woman 
8. Time 
9. Picture In A Frame 
10. Sexual Religion 
11. Make Love To Me Tonight 
12. Pure Love

Here's a sneak peek at Rod Stewart's Time Album

When I finally came to terms with Stewart's true inspiration that we all age and it's perfectly normal to yearn to be young and carefree again, I could see where Stewart's much softer singing style and sentiment must have emerged from. All of a sudden it became apparent to me: He has totally reinvented himself and his outlook on life and his music. 

Then I listened to the album again with that new found knowledge. First in the tune Brighton Beach I heard "Janis" (a reference to Janis Joplin) but nevertheless it's exciting that the lyrics include a Janis with an 'a' the same way I spell my name (most spell it Janice). Next, in the album's namesake song Time, Stewart sings a ballad about enjoying every moment of life. 

Ultimately, I fell in love with the closing number Pure Love that features two of my fave things: Stewart singing and a full orchestra playing. This piece is a celebration of the deepest love of all -- the love between parent and child. It was immensely introspective as well as indescribably touching and beautiful. As a matter of fact, it is such a touching tune that the more times I listen to it, the more I think about my own children and lose myself in this song as a mother and the harder it is to hold back my tears. 

Time most certainly is an album that will grow on you. But to truly appreciate and enjoy it  you have to open yourself up to all of life's vulnerabilities, the most powerful of which is the passage of time that none of us can stop or even slow down.

The new album Time on the Capitol Records label goes on sale at 12 a.m. tonight on Amazon and will also be downloadable from iTunes. Just in time (pun intended) for this coming Sunday, there's also a Time Super Deluxe Fan Mother's Day Edition package for $54.98 that includes Rod Stewart's new Time CD, Rod the Biography - Hardcover, High Quality 180 Gram 12" Vinyl, Rod Stewart Mother's Day card, and a 1-800-Flowers $50 gift certificate.

Rod Stewart Time Billboard seen today near Hollywood Blvd
Along with the release of Time, Stewart is set to embark on the European leg of his Live the Life tour on June 1, 2013 while American dates with Steve Winwood will kick off October 17th.

FTC Disclosure: I participated in this campaign with One2One Network and Capitol Records. I received a copy of the CD to facilitate this review. By posting, I am eligible for incentives. All opinions stated are my own. See complete FTC Disclosure information that appears at the bottom of MommyBlogExpert's main page and at the bottom of every individual post on this blog, including this one.

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