Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Baby Elephant Frolicks in Ocean for First Time - A Lesson for Us to Enjoy Simple Things in Life


Animals Inspiring Human Emotion

Here's a YouTube featuring a darling playful baby elephant in the wild frolicking in the Andaman Sea off an island along the west coast of Thailand. 

If this doesn't steal your heart away while it goes viral, I don't know what will. As an elephant lover that recently brought you the My Lucky Elephant movie review about an elephant that learns to paint masterpieces, I couldn't resist sharing another elephant focused post with Mommy Blog Expert's like-minded readers.

I think you'll enjoy it as much as I have. Spend 3 minutes watching this clip shot by amateur videogapher Nancy Belal and I can practically guarantee you that it will truly make your day.

For sure this sweet animal without a care in the world is a boost to the human soul...

Wishing that you find as much joy living in the moment as this infant pachyderm has found already.

Have a GREAT Baby Elephant kind of Day!

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