Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How To Get Free Stuff On Your Birthday

Teen Tuesday

by Rebecca Elspas, Teen Blogger

Everyone wants free stuff, that’s a given. But on that one day a year, where it’s all about you, on your birthday, having something special makes it so much better. I just had my birthday, and it was exactly that.

Checking out Sephora, MommyBlogExpert.com

So I love makeup. Especially eye makeup! It’s impossible for me to walk out of Sephora without something in that little black and white striped bag in my hand. I don’t go often, but when I do, I’m on their beauty insider list. And get this, they give you a free gift on your birthday! Not a lame one either, like a cheap lip gloss, which sits in the bottom of your makeup bag month after month, coated in the eyeshadow and bronzer residue.

My Benefit Birthday Gift, MommyBlogExpert.com

I just walked up to the cashier, gave them my phone number, and after a few clicks on their computer, they handed me this little pink box labeled “Real birthday turn-ons!” It was adorable! The makeup inside was even cuter. It’s by Benefit, A pretty little mascara called “They’re real, honest” (get it) and a “Watt’s Up” highlighter. (Gotta love the puns). Not a highlighter for paper, but for your cheekbones! It makes your face glow, and I’ve never really used highlighter before, but it’s actually pretty cool! I look more awake when I use it. That’s gonna come in handy when it’s back-to-school time. Oh, I don’t wanna be reminded!

Benefits makeup at Sephora, MommyBlogExpert.com

On the other hand, I got not only Sephora goodies, but also a scoop of ice cream on my birthday from Baskin Robbins. All for free! I got that scoop of my favorite a pistachio ice cream cone. But you have to print the email Baskin Robbins sends you to redeem the free ice cream, so if you’re signed up to Baskin Robbin’s list, make sure to print out the email beforehand!

Pistachio Ice Cream, MommyBlogExpert.com

Free stuff and my birthday? Win-Win! 

Shout out to pistachio ice cream lovers!

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