Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Teenager Summer Bucket List Teen Tuesday Post by Rebecca Elspas

Teen Tuesday
by Rebecca Elspas, Teen Blogger

We all know that one day every student looks forward to, counts down, and cannot wait to happen. THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!! Mine, June 11th, was the best day ever, walking out of my crazy hard chemistry final screaming “I’m done! No more pencils no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks!” (Creds to Alice Cooper).

Me celebrating school's out, MommyBlogExpert.com
I said my goodbyes and hit the road to an entire two months of freedom, waking up whenever, going wherever I want with my friends, and finally getting a chance to do stuff I’ve always wanted to. So I let my inner OCD choose how to organize my summer. (I’m not the most organized person normally).

Recalling the movie The Bucket List from 2007, I felt like it was such a good idea to make one, but for summer, that I got to work right away. Pinterest helped me here. I finally made a board in my empty Pinterest account, naming it Summer 2013 Bucket List. You can check it out here.

With things like shop at a flea market, make a rainbow cake, get super flexible, have a glitter fight, a campfire cookout, and hiking somewhere really far up, just to name a few, I am steadily repining more and more fun ideas. I actually am so determined to do all of them! Already got a couple down.

Crushed it.

Shoutout to Kim Kardashian’s newborn!

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