Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Celebrating Father Daughter Relationships Family Dynamic Creates Special Life Moments


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Nothing evokes the sense of family more than special lifetime moments shared across young and old generations. For me, the father-daughter relationship immediately comes to mind. My Daddy was always there for me when I was growing up and I will always treasure the things we did together, from working in our family vegetable patch to taking cross-country road trips to going fishing and much more.

My dad w/ me in green suit & my siblings, 1960s

Now I have two daughters of my own. As a mother, it gives me great joy to see how my hubbie has bonded with our girls, spending quality time with them that is creating memories they'll treasure more and more as they grow older.

It's in that vein I'd like to share a beautiful and moving video produced by New York Life that celebrates the universal ideal of a loving father-daughter relationship. In this particular clip it's all about how dad is sharing his love of baseball, passing on the love of the game to his daughter, generation to generation.

Hopefully my story makes you smile and think about the special dad(s) in your own life as much as it reminded me of the different generations of fathers in my family.

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