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Down Linens Featherbed Completes Master Bedroom - Photo Contest & 25% Discount

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3rd in a Series of 3 Posts

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In this series I've been sharing my experiences with Down Linens luxurious but affordable bedding products. I've already told you about the pair of down pillows and the down comforter the brand sent me to try out. To wrap up this series, now I am going to spill about the Down Linens Luxury Featherbed I recently received to complete the makeover of our master bedroom.

Loft on our bed created by this new featherbed,
Having already enjoyed some of the best nights of sleep with the down pillows and down comforter, I couldn't imagine anything better. But, after the featherbed arrived and I put it over our mattress and made the bed, I realized my quality of sleep improved still further and so did my husband's. Speaking of DH. I didn't tell him I added this featherbed to our mattress in advance because I wanted his unbiased reaction when he first tried it out.

Closeup of featherbed shows how puffy it is, 
As soon as hubbie walked into the bedroom and saw the increased loft on our bed he said, "There better not be a dog under there."

"No, don't worry," I replied smuggly, "Dexter's not under the covers. Just lie down and tell me what you think," I said as he looked at me a little bit puzzled.

Long story short is that my husband did not like this fluffy new addition to our mattress at all the first night and I feared I'd end up having to give it to one of my kids for their own bed. But, keep reading, the story takes a turn for the better.

The featherbed adds over 4" of fluff,
Luckily over the past three weeks with this cloud-like feather bed, he has really gotten used to it and has been sleeping more soundly each night. Guess what? He even fell asleep while reading a book in bed, taking an impromptu nap while I was finishing this post. 

So I think it's safe to say my hubbie loves this now and it gets to stay. That's a really good thing since I was imagining having to go back to sleeping without getting to sink into the softness of this featherbed. Yes, after such a luxurious experience, I was actually dreading the possibility of going back to sleeping directly on the mattress of our firm bed.

One of the nicest things about a bed topper like this is that considering it's very affordable price, it's a relatively small investment to make for the big dividends on increased comfort you'll likely get back if your experience is similar to mine. It's a no-brainer to set up, too. You simply add this on top of your existing good mattress for a better quality sleeping experience.

Busted! Dexter is caught on the bed I just made,
Out of the box that's shipped to your door, all you have to do is give it a shake and then lay the soft as a cloud Down Linens Featherbed flat directly against your mattress followed by a mattress pad and fitted sheet. Then, make the rest of the bed up like you normally do with a top sheet and plumped up pillows. You can use the comforter alone, purchase a duvet to enclose it or do as I've done and simply lay a flat light weight colorful cotton comforter on top.

If you can't resist and you want to lie down and try it like I did right away, don't wait, go for it. Relax, you deserve it!

Down Linens Featherbed is available in white in five sizes: twin ($99.99), Full ($119.99) queen ($149.99), king ($159.99), California king ($169.99).

This featherbed features are heavenly
  • 100% cotton top with 300 thread count
  • 550 fill power goose feather & down blend
  • 2" feather layer topped with a layer of super soft down
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Free Shipping & 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Image provided by DownLinens

Lil Dreamers Photo Contest
Enter Now Thru 10/31/13

Down Linens is also holding a fun giveaway contest with some great prizes to win. 
  • First Prize: iPad Mini
  • Second Prize: Set of 2 Down Linens Gel Fiber Pillows
  • Third Prize: Set of 2 Down Linens Gel Fiber Pillows
To enter, first LIKE the DownLinens Facebook page. Then, click on Promos tab to enter the Lil Dreamers Photo Contest Down Linens is hosting by submitting a photo of your child, pet or other family member in a cute sleeping position. Yeah, I know, your child is going to want to jump on the bed when they're awake, so you'll have to snap a picture while he/she is asleep and then Enter it in Down Linens Photo Contest

As you can see from the picture below, that I took, you might even have problems keeping your pet off the bed -- especially if your bedding is as comfortable as ours is now.

Dexter, unofficial Down Linens product tester,
The contest, which also allows contestants to vote for their favorite entry, runs now through October 31, 2013. I can't wait to see all the entries that are submitted and encourage you to check them out as well.

Exclusive 25% Discount
Save Now Thru 10/22/13

Best of all, once again I'm excited to share a special 25% discount with Mommy Blog Expert readers for you to save off the brand's already low prices from Savings are good now through Tuesday, October 22, 2013 as long as you use the discount code FEATHERBEDS4ALL when ordering.

Sleep with DownLinens is heavenly,
About The Brand
DownLinens is a subsidiary of Allied Feather & Down, the world's largest supplier of raw material for the industry. The family-run company is focused on delivering the best possible online consumer shopping experience, offering simliar superior products to those found in high end bedding boutiques and better department stores, but at significantly lower prices.

Find more information at about the entire line of bedding products which include not only pillows, but also comforters, bed toppers and feather beds, blankets and throws. You can also connect with them on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on the latest news, tips and for special sales and promotions.

FTC Disclosure: Information in this blogpost is sourced from Down Linens, online resources and family traditions and the company is providing a discount opportunity for a limited time to my readers. In addition, I received the Downs Linens Luxury Featherbed featured to facilitate this review. I have also entered the photo contest mentioned that the brand is hosting. However, I was not paid for this post and opinions are my own. See complete FTC Disclosure information that appears at the bottom of MommyBlogExpert's main page and at the bottom of every individual post on this blog, including this one.

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