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Verizon Belkin WeMo Switch Review - Mobile Control of Household Appliances On the Go


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As a busy lifestyle blogger and mom of four teenagers, including 16 year-old triplets, family life can be pretty erratic. There is more than one not-me living here that is forever forgetting to turn off lights and other electronics when dashing out of the house. So, when I discover a tool that can help put some sanity back into this crazy life full of surprises and manage my household more efficiently, I naturally want to share it with readers. Such is the case with the Belkin WeMo Switch available from Verizon Wireless that I had the opportunity to test and review for Mommy Blog Expert.

Belkin WeMo Switch,
Remember those old-fashioned light timers that your dad or grandpa would set to turn off and on lights on a schedule while away on a vacation? The WeMo Switch takes that same concept of convenience plus it brings controling lights and virtually all other electrical household small appliances into the 21st century -- remotely using a smartphone or tablet.

WeMo Switch fits in the palm of my hand,
Using this gadget which has a wi-fi receiver that works with your home wifi network, it is possible to control home appliances using your mobile device anywhere you might be. There are so many ways you can use this: to turn on lights before you or your kids get home, switch off that iron or coffee maker that you accidentally left on when you ran out of the house this morning for carpool duty, and much more.

This clip provides an overview of how it works... 


This is so simple and fast to set up and use, it is hard to believe it does so much. As long as there is wifi access and the device is installed near enough to pick up a strong signal in your home, it should work. The WeMo Switch is truly a plugin -- requiring absolutely no technical expertise, all you do is plug it into a wall outlet and then plug in what ever home appliance you would like to operate remotely when you are away.

WeMo Switch plugged into wall outlet,
The next step is to download the free WeMo app to your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Once it's loaded on your smartphone or tablet, just go into the app and finishing pairing it with the appliance that you have connected to the switch. You can then turn off and on electronics whenever you want from your smart device and even set up a schedule in advance, for example, to turn off and on a lamp on a set schedule while you're on vacation. The great thing is that you can connect as many mobile devices to control the on/off function as you want, so every member of the family can have the option to turn off and on the appliance where the WeMo Switch has been plugged in.

We Mo Switch Quick Install Guide,
Just think once this is set up as long as you can pick up either a 3G, 4G or wi-fi signal on your smart mobile device, you can turn off that coffee maker you left on by mistake while you're in the cab on the way to the airport to catch your flight to Europe.

This device can be moved from outlet to outlet to be used with different appliances, but you will need to go back into the app and reset it up if you move it to plug into a different outlet. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you want to have control over two or more household electrical gadgets you'll need a WeMo switch for each separate appliance.

Verizon Pavilion at Intl CES,
The WeMo Switch sells for $49.99 and is available from Verizon Wireless online and in-store. For additional information about WeMo Switch as well as other products in this family including the WeMo Light Switch and WeMo Motion, visit

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