Friday, November 29, 2013

5 Easy Ways to Avoid Holiday Stress to Maximize a Peaceful Experience for You & Your Family


Stress is often amplified during the holiday season with all the extra hustling and bustling about. The good news is you don't have to suffer from holiday-induced stress this year or ever again. Instead, take a few minutes to read this post featuring some simple tips from Leslie Hendry, a Los Angeles yoga and meditation practioner, to transform your entire holiday season into peaceful experience filled with joy and happy memories.

Image provide by Leslie Hendry, AzaWhistle Kids

Leslie's Top Five Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

1) Avoid Over Spending
Set a holiday budget and stick with it. Figure out how much you want to spend on gift giving now so you don't get surprised withh a stack of post-holiday credit card bills.

2) Work it Out
Create and commit to a weekly workout routine to insure you don't skip all those workouts that can actually help you better cope with stress.

3) Pre-Plan Meals
Plan your weekly grocery shopping lists ahead of time to make sure meals can be enjoyed at home that are healthy and light. This will make up for the extra calories you might be consuming during work parties and holiday outings with family and friends. 

4) Search & Shop Online
Use the internet as much as possible to compare prices, research gift ideas and get more information. Takeadvantage of Cyber Monday deals because online shopping will free more precious time in your schedule that you might otherwise waste being stuck in traffic, searching for parking and waiting in line.

5) Be Kind
Practicing kindness with everyone you come in contact with will alleviate stress for both you and others. Remember to smile, be patient, and practice gratitude. By focusing on all the blessings you already have, you'll be more successful avoiding stress and enjoy the time you spend with those you care about.

Here's to a Stress-Free
Holiday Season for All

Yoga and Meditation Practioner Leslie Hendry is founder of AzaWhistle Kids, a Los Angeles based company helping people of all ages create more harmony and calm in their lives. A portion of proceeds from all AzaWhistle Kids app sales benefits Yoga Gives Back, a charity co-founded by Hendry that helps women and children in India.

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