Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tech Use Interrupts Family Thanksgiving 64% of Parents Wish for Holiday Meal Device Ban


Before Thanksgiving it's a great time to talk turkey about replacing our mobile addictions with some quality family time.

Back in the day -- before personal computers arrived on the homefront -- it was simply about surviving the family drama among relatives during holiday gatherings between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. It seems some things never go out of style because today dysfunctional family dynamics are alive and well especially at this time of year. Thanks to technology that permeates nearly every aspect of our lives in 2013, though, now there's yet another layer of stress that is complicating modern family togetherness every day including during holiday celebrations.

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Results just announced from the Tech Timeout survey conducted by Harris Interactive have unearthed to what extent tech has taken over our family and kids lives and how parents really feel about it.

Here's a peek through the keyhole at some noteworthy findings

  • On average, a US resident admits to spending 6.5 hours per day on electronic devices outside of work
  • 64% of US parents wish they could ban the use of technology during family holiday meals such as Thanksgiving
  • 77% of US parents believe their family would benefit from taking a one hour break every day from technology
About Tech Timeout
Tech Timeout is an initiative started in February 2013 by Foresters, a life insurance provider, to inspire families, both kids and adults, to take a break from technology every day in favor of carving out more quality time to spend with loved ones. To enhance your family life you are invited to sign the digital pledge as well as see their free list of 50 Things to Do With Kids Without Technology by visiting

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