Friday, December 13, 2013

Hollywood Wax Museum A Fun Attraction for Southern California Tourists & Residents Alike


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Yeah, I know it's hard to believe. I've lived in L.A. for decades and have also been a multi-time visitor in the years before I moved to Southern California. I've also absolutely loved family road trips my whole life as a kid and now as a mom of four and continue to enjoy visiting fun attractions rich with history whenever the opportunity arises. Yet, until this month I'd never visited the Hollywood Wax Museum which is the longest continuosly running wax museum in the U.S., located just off the strip of Historic Route 66 running through Hollywood. So, one of my 16 year-old triplets and thought it would be fun to play tourist for a day in our own backyard.

Marilyn Monroe greets you when you walk in,
My daughter and I have both been to Hollywood, along with the rest of our family, on numerous occasions over the years but none of us had ever visited the Hollywood Wax Museum before.  That amazes me since our entire clan of six has been to the Hollywood Wax Museum's sister property attraction Ripley's Believe it or Not located right across the street on Hollywood Boulevard just east of Highland Avenue and really enjoyed it.

As the two of us discovered earlier this month, there are so many things to do in Hollywood that are still left to explore. What an adventure going down to Hollywood Boulevard turned out to be for us on an overcast Sunday December afternoon! 

Me & Martha Stewart wax figure,
Finding a place to park in Hollywood is notoriously a challenge and can often end up quite expensive at the many pricey lots right off the main thoroughfare. Luckily, we found the best deal on parking at Hollywood & Vine Center, just a half block away from the attraction. We made a purchase at Sweet! -- the largest candy store in the world -- to get our parking validated there. So it only cost $2 total for two hours parking with validation when we exited the lot after enjoying the museum.

With candy in hand, we munched our way to Hollywood Wax Museum which was only a leisurely 5 minute walk away once we got out of the center's underground parking structure. The museum was a fun and new experience from the moment we entered.

Me with Brad Pitt sculpture,
As we walked through the one story exhibit space, we saw the likenesses of many A-list celebrities alive and a few no longer with us. Among my faves were, of course, Martha Stewart who I have actually met in person on numerous occasions at book signings and at the 2-Day Dreamers Into Doers conference she hosted at MSLO in Manhattan.

Laurel & Hardy, so realistic looking,
All smiles at Lucille Ball I Love Lucy exhibit,
It was most definitely surreal seeing Brad Pitt and Reese Witherspoon, up close. And, standing next to Clint Eastwood, I never realized he was so tall. Among the wax figures my daughter enjoyed most were Lucille Ball, Tom Hanks, Barack Obama and Elizabeth Taylor.

Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz & Drew Barrymore are lifelike,
Shaking the President's wax hand,
This was an overall fun and entertaining day to experience the actual heights and sizes of all these well-known personalities which we'd only seen from afar, on TV and in movies. There's something here to appeal to multiple generations from grandma to mom and dad to the kids and a great way to experience the glamour of Hollywood up close. Family fun doesn't get any better than that.

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