Tuesday, December 3, 2013

REVIEW Step Dogs DVD Family Comedy Movie Released Today


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Recent family-friendly new releases like So This is Christmas from RLJ Entertainment which was reviewed on MommyBlogExpert last month keep coming. Today the company released their latest new title: Step Dogs to entertain home viewers during the chilly holiday season.

Dynamite anyone? Scene from Step Dogs

This live action movie -- in a nutshell -- is a canine-infused Home Alone-style comedy that dog crazy people (present company included) will enjoy. In this hilarious family film the humans (the ones of the bad guy variety, in particular) are the underdogs while the four-legged performers are the real ones that steal the show and save the day.

The bad guys are about to be outsmarted, Scene from Step Dogs
The silly story revolves around the most unlikely Mutt & Jeff kind of combo: Meatball, the big German Shepherd mix and Cassie, the pedigree fussy fur ball, who end up living in the same household when their owners get married. The fun begins while their humans are away when two thugs try to break in to the house. Are these two clumsy, bumbling robbers in for a big surprise when the canine duo trip them up, again and again!

Check out this Step Dogs clip to see why this is so entertaining...

This non-stop hilarious three-ring circus dog-and-human show features some notable actors like Dylan Schmid (Once Upon a Time, Falling Skies) and Eliana Jones (Hemlock Grove, Nikita). As of December 3, 2013, Step Dogs is available on DVD and Digital and carries a suggested retail price of $27.97.

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