Monday, December 9, 2013

White House Gingerbread Fireplace DIY Christmas Holiday Cookie Recipe Crafts Directions


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I first became enthralled with the elegant White House Gingerbread Fireplace that was created by the chefs at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for this year's holiday season from a post by @FLOTUS -- the official Twitter feed published by the Office of First Lady Michelle Obama. According to this tweet from the First Lady's Office which included a photo, it took 1200+ cookies to make the latest one-of-a-kind White House Gingerbread Christmas masterpiece.

Hanukkah Gingerbread House I made,
As a mom myself, who has enjoyed building original gingerbread houses for Hanukkah in past seasons with my own children, I think the 2013 White House Gingerbread creation looks pretty amazing from these online photos

Since many of MommyBlogExpert's readers appreciate creative Christmas DIY ideas as well as fabulous edible food art, I wanted to share with you a little about how the Obama Family has decorated the White House for Christmas this year.

The official White House video shows how it was made... 

Undoubtedly, it took a whole staff of talented bakers and pastry chefs many hours of baking and decorating to build this piece of art. Among the numerous fine details are realistic miniature candy trees made by creating thin green sheets of hard candy that were then painstakingly layered and assembled into fir trees. 

Also featured in the sugary artistic rendition are likenesses of the Obama Family's beloved pets, First Dog Bo, a male Portuguese Water Dog who is four years old, and First Dog Sunny, a female of the same breed that just joined the Presidential household in August.

The best part is that the celebration isn't limited to the White House this year. America is invited to join in and craft some holiday grandeur of your own at home with some beautiful holiday recipes and crafts.

Christmas decor at Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills,
Free DIY Directions from include
  • The intricate and beautiful 2013 Holiday Edible Springerle Cookie to eat or turn it into a hanging ornament
  • Beautiful tissue paper Poinsettia flowers that would be great as a centerpiece
  • Miniature dried fruit edible cookie wreathes
Fellow arts and crafts enthusiasts will no doubt agree. It's good to know that the White House is not only into DIY holiday decor, they are into sharing all the how-tos with the public. Made in America doesn't get any better than that, does it?

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