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Review Labor Day Paramount Movie in Theaters Nationwide #LaborDayMamarazzi


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What a fun girls night out it was to be invited, along with my guest, friend and personal trainer Laurel Perrstam, to Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California. The occasion was a special screening event organized by party girls extraordinaire Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein of The Moms to see Labor Day ahead of the movie's wide national theatrical release.

Paramount Studios lot at night,
The film starring Kate Winslet opposite Josh Brolin, two actors I greatly respect for their talents, was co-produced by Paramount and Indian Paintbrush. Among the supporting characters particularly memorable in the movie are James Van Der Beek who many will remember (how could we forget him?) as the Dawson from the hit turn of the millenium Dawson's Creek TV series. 

Speaking of Van Der Beek, don't you just love what he recently posted on Twitter?

Now, let me get us both back on subject. The basic story line of Labor Day is all about what happens when Winslet's Adele, a severely depressed single mother of a young boy crosses paths with Frank Chambers, a scruffy and wounded on-the-run escaped convict (portrayed by Josh Brolin).

Labor Day. I can't think of a better title for this movie that's currently showing on the big screen. Not only does the film's central story take place over the long Labor Day weekend, there are also years old flashbacks interspersed seen through the individual experiences of the two lead characters to the actual process of labor, giving birth and becoming first-time parents before Adele and Frank ever meet.

End of summer peaches perfect for Labor Day,
It is also a tale that anyone who has ever been a parent -- or even someone who has even simply been in love -- may relate to. Two-person relationships, the film shows us by example, are not always easy and out of necessity are actually a labor of love made possible by self-sacrifice most of the time. The same truth of hard work and constant effort it takes in raising a child shines through, whether you're in a commited relationship with a son or daughter to care for or are going it solo as a single parent.

If you see this film that first premiered at the 2013 Telluride Film Festival, followed by the Toronto International Film Festival, you may agree with what I'm about to say. After showing at such prestigious industry film venues and seeing this movie myself, I was not surprised that the feature picture was nominated not once but twice for the Golden Globes 2014 awards: Kate Winslet for Best Performance in a Motion Picture - Drama and P. Scott Sakomoto for Camera Operator of the Year.

The Sherry Lansing Theater at Paramount,
Both lead actors' characters were played well and were quite convincing. Winslet, who is a mom of three children in real life, does a brillant job in the role of attempting to mother her son alone as best as she's able while also battling unending days of dark depression. The cinematography struck me as being both deeply beautiful and poignant, too, from the opening credits, to the scene where Frank teaches Adele and her son how to make a homemade peach pie with three pairs of hands working together in the bowl, to the closing interactions at the end of the film.

Laurel Perrstam, my personal trainer, and I at screening,
After the screening at The Sherry Lansing Theater on the sprawling Paramount campus, the predominantly female audience (remember this was a women's blogging event) was treated to a Q&A with former Dawson's Creek star James Van Der Beek who plays the small, but pivotal role of Police Officer Treadwell in Labor Day.

The Moms interview Van Der Beek after screening,
If you're wondering: Yes, he's a Dad three times over now in real life and Yes Van Der Beek is still as charming and handsome IRL as he was back in the days when he played his breakout character Dawson Leery.

Watch this short video clip from the Van Der Beek candid chat I attended if you still don't believe me...

As if viewing the movie itself at one of the world's oldest surviving studios founded over a hundred years ago and getting to see Van Der Beek in person wasn't enough. To cap a full and enjoyable evening off, guests were treated to a dessert reception. Guess what was served? That's right -- the famous hot peach pie that we had all been craving since seeing that beautifully choreographed Labor Day pastry making scene.

FTC Disclosure: I was invited as a guest of Paramount Studios and The Moms to the Labor Day screening and reception. I did not receive any payment or other compensation and opinions here are my own. See complete FTC Disclosure information that appears at the bottom of MommyBlogExpert's main page and at the bottom of every individual post on this blog, including this one.

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