Thursday, March 6, 2014

Breadwinning Moms New Reality Katie Show Episode Airs Today Family Dynamic Changing


Heads up mommies and daddies. There's a Katie show that taped today that I think many of you might want to see. One that likely will have broad appeal to working mothers and fathers with kids -- both those who work at home, like us bloggers, and those with families who commute to their jobs each day.

Katie Couric with today's special guests, Photo by Disney/ABC
Airing today, Katie Couric hosts the latest episode of her show: Breadwinning Moms, The New Reality in American Families. On Thursday's program, moms who contribute financially to the family household will share how they do it all and reveal how their roles mesh with expectations as working women, wives and moms.

Leading the discussion, Carol Evans of Working Mother Media will weigh in on some of the key findings in a new study known as "Breadwinning Moms: The Working Mother Report." The research, for example, found that as moms continue to cultivate successful careers at the office and dads are more hands-on at home, the traditional concept of the modern family is changing.

Thursday Katie guests also include two married couples, each with two sons
  • Catherine and Ian Merritt of Chicago,IL
  • Nicole, author of The Working Mommy's Manual, and Peter Corning of Scottsdale, AZ
The syndicated Katie daytime talk show airs nationwide. Use the station finder or check local listings for times and channels. 

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