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LG G2 Smartphone Verizon Review - Preloaded With Family Apps for Mom, Dad, Kids, Pets


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2nd in a Series of 3 Posts on the LG G2

I hope you enjoy reading my continuing Verizon Wireless Lifestyle Blogger series on the LG G2 Smartphone. In the first post in this group of stories I told you all about the one button access on the back so you can use this phone one-handed while also doing all those mom tasks. That unique detail is still my favorite hardware feature of this ultra modern sleek Android Jelly Bean device. Now, it's time to switch gears and share other discoveries about the cool LG G2 that runs on Verizon's 4G LTE nework.

Product Critic Dexter gives paws up to the LG G2, MommyBlogExpert.com
Here are my picks out of the 20 pre-installed apps on Verizon's LG G2. There's a different one for each member of the family to use and enjoy, including the family dog.

For Mom - Fitbit App
For busy moms like me caring for my family is indeed a never-ending top priority. Yet, staying fit, monitoring my sleep and calories burned, and tracking my progress is also a must to maximize my chances of optimal mental and physical health so I am able to nurture my kids and husband day-to-day. This easy-to-use app, rated a 4 out of 5 by Google Play users, works with the LG G2 and a full range of Fitbit activity trackers and scales including the newly introduced Fitbit Flex in Fuchsia wristband activity tracker that I will am testing now for a forthcoming review soon.

Me with my personal trainer Laurel at the gym, MommyBlogExpert.com
For Dad - NFL Mobile App
At the other end of the sport spectrum are all those manly consumer electronic activities for daddies and their buddies, like staying up on the latest football games in progress on the fly even while traveling on a business trip or while taking the family on vacation. Newly redesigned and reengineered, this app not only will keep the hubby sports fanatic on top of scores and if his team is winning or losing. It does other helpful and fun stuff like giving him the ability to manage his NFL .com fantasy team from the LG G2 without even getting off the couch.

For Son - Uber App
This handy app included with the LG G2 is great for a college man, like my son who is now living away from home for the first time without a car and will be traveling abroad this summer. It's almost like having your own private valet service because the app makes it unbelievably easy to request and prepay for rides whenever needed, down to arranging the exact pickup location. Assuming you have a strong signal to your device, this gem is supposed to work in all 50 states and 20 countries and even generates a comparison of vehicles and fare quotes prior to ordering transportation. Come to think of it, I wish I'd known about Uber before our family of six tried to find a taxi in Mexico City big enough for all of us to get to the airport in time for our flight.

Notice LG G2 screen has no buttons in front, MommyBlogExpert.com
For Daughter - Google Play Music App
For one of my high school daughters who sings and loves music, this app is just the thing to complete her digital lifestyle. Not only can a like-minded girl enjoy the songs of all her favorite artists wherever she may be, with unlimited abandon for free. If she upgrades to the app's All Access + Standards, she'll also be able to share what she loves and hates with Google+ gal pals. Afterall, a girl's got a right to change her mind as often as she wants to, right? With this app, I can't think of a reason why she would not want to hold on to the LG G2 tightly wherever she goes with friends to hangout.

For the Family Dog - Tagg the Pet Tracker App
Technically our miniature pinscher Dexter (that little fellow popping up on this blog in reviews whenever he sees fit) doesn't actually use this himself as household pets generally don't have or even operate smartphones. But guess who's in charged of the dog at our house (and probably yours too, if you own one)? That's right the Mom, unless your kids are highly unusual and actually take responsibility for the pet they begged you to get for them. Like the Fitbit, this app requires hardware you need to buy separately to use. I like this for several reasons: it tracks your dog's activity which could be useful to the vet at some point if it becomes necessary to monitor his health 24/7. It might be able to help you locate your pooch if he/she runs away or gets lost.

LG G2 Box, MommyBlogExpert.com
With all these apps it's good to know with the LG G2 you can switch faster and more seamlessly between different ones you're tapping into. Using this device's Slide Aside function you can multi-task like a pro, jumping between up to three different apps quickly. That's something I think both parents and kids in today's fast-paced digital world will equally appreciate. This smartphone has everything my family needs. 

This is missing just one thing that hasn't been invented yet that moms everywhere would definitely take advantage of: an app to feed, walk and bath the dog. Hey, a mom can dream, too, can't she?

LG G2 is a smartphone for every generation, MommyBlogExpert.com
The LG G2 is available from Verizon Wireless in-store and online right now for just $49.99 with a 2-year contract. Other purchase options include $20.90/month on the Verizon Edge Plan and $449.99 for month-to-month without any contract. You can buy the phone alone or with various accessories on VerizonWireless.com

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FTC Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I disclose that I am a Verizon Wireless Lifestyle Blogger brand ambassador and that I received the LG G2 Smartphone from Verizon to facilitate this post series. See complete FTC Disclosure information that appears at the bottom of MommyBlogExpert's main page and at the bottom of every individual post on this blog, including this one.

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