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Maximize Multiple Screen Experience - HDTV Laptop Tablet Smartphone #CatchitAll at Best Buy


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A Baby Boomer Perspective on Multiple Screens

As a Baby Boomer, in the days before cable TV and videos, my generation sat as a family on the couch watching one TV show that aired at a specific time. Boy, have times changed!

Me & Mommy at my 5th birthday party,
In my wildest dreams as a kid I'd have never even imagined all the ways technology in the future would change -- particularly with multiple screens -- the way families and kids experience entertainment at home in 2014. For example, back in the day, who would have believed that you'd ever be able to click on an actor's outfit in one of your favorite shows opening a new window right on the TV screen with all the details as well as where to buy it?

Getting the most out of all the ever expanding multiple screen functionality now accessible to consumers couldn't be a more timely topic right now. This is particularly true because at the moment we are midway through the tournament regionals of NCAA March Madness.

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Having the ability to open multiple screens to watch two games live at the same time on a tablet while away from home or viewing a replay on one screen while the current game continues in the background so you don't miss any of the action. These luxuries are the stuff that sports fans used to only dream about. Now all those pleasureable viewing experiences, and lots more, are a reality.

My school's men's basketball team, I'm proud to say, is ranked #4 in the AP 25 and is still in the March Madness running as this post goes live. So I'd like to interject a little go Arizona Wildcats cheer here for my alma mater...

Bear Down Arizona,
Bear Down Red & Blue!

University of Arizona Basketball Team, 1975 Vintage Photo
Anyway, while we wait to see who makes it into the National Semifinals and who ultimately plays and wins the Championship game of the season, let me get back on subject because this post isn't just for sports lovers maximizing multi screen technology. 

Even those of you who don't watch any pro or collegiate sports -- both parents and kids -- are now able to tap the magic of multiple screens when you watch television, movies and more at home.
iPad and iPad Mini,
Best Buy helps keep you connected to the excitement with the devices and connectivity that make it possible. With all the latest HDTV, laptop, tablet and smartphone consumer electronics to choose from at large retailers like Best Buy, interacting with multiple screens on a single device and interconnecting more than one device wirelessly for a joint experience is becoming second nature. 

Simply stated: Across the generations multiple screens are enhancing and improving the ways we all consume and enjoy sports, entertainment and even the news. These advances in technology are exciting for everyone -- young and old -- whether at home or on the run. I can't wait to see what the consumer tech industry will think of next.

What ways do you use multiple screens and what's your favorite device: an HDTV, laptop, tablet or smartphone?

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