Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Napkin Notes Dad Bounty #Napkins4Emma Campaign Raising Social Media Awareness + Funds


My family, including our four teens, is deeply commited to lifelong community service. So, it usually warms my heart when I hear about bountiful consumer companies reaching out and making an even bigger difference in the quality of individual family's lives.

Garth & daughter Emma, Vintage image by Garth Callaghan
Bounty paper towels is the latest household name to jump on that train. In a corporate effort to give back, the brand is bringing awareness and support to cancer patient Garth Callaghan's story and the Napkin Notes program he started by tucking thoughtful musings written on napkins into his daughter's lunchbox when she was little.

Though his condition has worsened recently, Daddy Callaghan's news of Napkin Notes good work is currently spreading over social media like wildfire. Despite the health challenges he is continues to battle, he continues to think positively, making it his goal to continue to write notes to daughter Emma, now 14, through high school graduation.

Garth posts inspiring napkin notes daily across various social media such as on his blog, Twitter and Facebook page like this one published on St. Patrick's Day...

Image by Garth Callaghan
Bounty has commited to helping The Callaghans and is planning to donate up to $20,000 to a fund benefiting Garth and Emma. To raise that huge sum they are encouraging moms and dads to pitch in by writing napkin notes to your own children and then taking photos with smartphones of those messages to share on social media.

For every napkin message image that's uploaded using the hashtag #Napkins4Emma until March 31, 2014, Bounty will donate $1. Bounty's intention, sharing the same values as Garth, is to focus on inspiring parents, relatives and others to provide kids with regular positive reinforcement that makes a difference. 

Twitter Party
There's also a Bounty Twitter Party with prizes tomorrow to spread the word and hashtag about this community outreach.

Garth Callaghan, Photo by Garth Callaghan
About Garth Callaghan
Garth Callaghan writes the blog Napkin Notes Dad and you can follow him on Twitter @NapkinNotesDad and on Facebook.

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