Thursday, April 10, 2014

Peeps DIY Easter Kids Craft Hairband Hair Bow Barrette Girls Spring Fashion Accessory


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Peeps Easter Girls Hairband DIY Craft,
It doesn't get any easier than this fun DIY Easter craft created by MommyBlogExpert for you and your daughter to make together. The Peeps Girls Hairband pictured here was made in less than five minutes with a store-bought hairband that already had a bow attached. But, you could also use a plain hairband and some ribbon to create your own from scratch, to create something equally spectacular that your child will love.

Only a few things are needed to make this
  • Peeps Marshmallow Chicks or Bunnies candy in your choice of color: yellow, white, pink, green, orange, brown, purple, or blue
  • A ready-made hairband, either with bow or plain
  • Some ribbon for a bow (if using a plain hairband)
  • White craft glue
Peeps Marshallow Bunnies in blue, Image by
How to Make It?
Simply open a pack of Peeps and gently separate the number of chicks or bunnies you want to use. Then apply a small amount of white glue to the hairband where you'd like to attach the Peep(s) to the hairband. Gently press the Peeps against the glue on the hairband. Once it's dry, it's ready for your little girl to wear and enjoy. Just remember not to leave this laying around the house, if you have a baby, dog or cat around they might try and eat your daughter's new Easter hair accessory.

Variations on this simple craft idea include gluing Peeps, some ribbon and miscellaneous novelties you have around the house to other types of hair accessories such as a barrette or hairclip. Your child might even enjoy making her own Easter Bonnet with the same craft concept based on a hat you already own (or an inexpensive one you can find at a dollar store).

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