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The Raven Spa Santa Monica Review


Massage and Organic Facial Treatments 

As a busy lifestyle influencer, social media strategist and mom of four teenagers all born within a year including triplets plus one, stress is my all too frequent companion. Admittedly, I needed this pampering session badly and was really looking forward to it.

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I've had massages and facials before, however this was my first visit to The Raven Spa, a Traditional Thai Massage and Day Spa in Santa Monica, California. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised how fast thoughts of my every day chaotic life escaped my mind.

From the moment I walked in the door, smelled the incense burning, heard the water fountain bubbling and was warmly greeted by the owner Barry, I sensed this experience was going to be indulgent, like none other I had ever had before. I was about to find out how The Raven Spa lives up to their motto, "Let us take you far, far away."

A feeling of serenity and peace increased with each step as I quietly climbed the stairs to the spa's loft space. Here, the dimly lit treatment rooms aren't divided by walls but by hanging fabric walls and each individual space is furnished with distressed furniture creating a relaxing Bohemian Pirates of the Caribbean ambiance. 

A burning candle beside the massage table completes the rustic, restful feeling.

The Raven Custom Massage

First I was treated to The Raven Custom Massage by massage therapist Jasmine. This is a full body massage so it requires you to remove all jewelry and clothing (except panties) and lie face down under a sheet for privacy on a very comfortable massage table. The treatment itself lasted an hour and involved lots of different techniques and styles to deeply relax virtually every part of my body from head to toe. 

Designed to work on your most troublesome aches and pains, this customized massage is truly made-to-order and thorough and includes a wonderful oil massage. It's also a great way to experiment with a variety of massage styles to discover what you enjoy most and of course includes some traditional Thai massaging, an ancient treatment more than 2,500 years old.

After this first-hand experience, I wasn't surprised to learn that this very individualized treatment is one of the seaside spa's most asked for services -- offered to clients for $100 for one hour or for $150 for one and a half hours.

The Radiant Raven Organic Facial

After having the most amazing body massage I think I've ever experienced, I felt euphoric. I couldn't imagine feeling any better than I already did. Then in walks Sidaphan, the facialist, to give an organic facial which was another first for me, and another high -- lacking for a better word to describe it. This, too, was unlike other facials I've had before. 

From the start this highly customized treatment felt much more gentle to my skin and also to my sense of smell because there were no strong chemical or articial fumes to breathe in. Instead my first-ever pure organic facial intertwined a variety of mild Enessa brand organic skincare lotions and potions which are also available at the spa for purchase to take home.

These essential, all-natural essential oils and lotions are made with concentrated extracts of plants, flowers and herbs that contain nutrients, enzymes, minerals and antiseptic properties to revive and help repair the skin.

How serene it felt after this complete detoxification treatment of my face, neck and upper shoulder areas. The fabulous mini massage that completed this treatment was simply icing on the cake! This very memorable 60 minute facial is available for $95.

The Peaceful Finish

No matter what service(s) you enjoy at The Raven, besides feeling radiant, this is what you have to look foward to after your treatment session has ended. The pampering continues as you make your way toward the entrance with a stop in the luxurious post-spa room.

As you linger, not wanting to leave, you'll have the chance to contemplate every moment you've enjoyed during your visit while sipping a hot cup of herbal tea and glass of water as well as a feasting on a beautifully presented carved apple, date and orange fruit snack plate waiting on a tray just for you. 

If you're like me, at this point, you'll already be thinking about how soon you'll be able to come back for your next visit here, even before you are out the door.

What Raven Euphoria looks like,

The Raven $50 Special Deal

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About The Raven Spa

The Raven Spa is a traditional Thai massage and day spa presenting a complete menu of services for women, men and couples including an assortment of massages; energy work; facials; turkish soaks, scrubs and massages; face and body waxing; acupuncture; infrared sauna treatments; and steam showers. Special events packages are offered that are just the thing to celebrate a birthday, wedding, baby shower, anniversary and other special occasions either solo or together with someone special. 

Open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., the spa I reviewed is located a block from the beach and just off trendy Main Street at 208 Pier Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90405; 310-399-4747. You can also find this spa at a second location The Raven - Silverlake,  2910 Rowena Ave, Los Angeles 90039; 323-644-0240. For more information visit as well as follow the spa @TheRavenSpa on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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