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How to Avoid Teen Drug Abuse - 5 Must-Know Tips for Parents To Help Teenagers


Guest Post 

by Scott Brand
Inspirations for Youth

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5 Teen Parenting Strategies to Head Off Substance Abuse

It is a known fact that there are no shortages of ways teens can get drugs. With the legalization of marijuana for recreation use in Colorado -- and most likely other states following suit soon --the job of parents is getting progressively more difficult. 

With the odds stacked high, modern moms and dads definitely need as much of an advantage as possible to be there for your teenagers.

Image provided by Inspirations for Youth
Key ways parents can be actively involved in drug abuse prevention 

Teach your child different ways to say “No!”
It is fairly certain that at some point in time a teen will be offered drugs by a friend or classmate. Many times the teen does not want to partake in this activity, but does anyway in a vain attempt to fit in. Parents can do some role playing with their teens early on and provide them with responses to friends who may offer them drugs and teach them how to say no 

Provide your teen with a healthy list of chores
Cleaning their room, mowing the lawn, etc. The less free time they have to loiter, the less chance they have to start hanging out with the wrong crowd 

Have punctual and regular dinner times with your teenagers
Teens will know they can’t use drugs before a pre-scheduled 6 pm dinner every evening

Plan outings often including the entire family
Sign your family up to a tennis club or go out on daytime outings with your kids to strengthen the family bond and substitute potentially detrimental activities with wholesome ones 

Don’t be afraid to check their online activity, especially social media sites
As long as they live under your roof, this will make it clear that your teen's right to privacy is not an option

Scott Brand, Image provided by Inspirations for Youth

About the Author
Scott Brand works in the outreach department of Inspirations for Youth, a teen addiction rehab treatment center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, as well as in the sister adult treatment facility The Cove Center For Recovery. Brand spends his time speaking with teens about their inspirational stories of recovery. Inspirations for Youth treats teens with drug and alcohol addiction in a unique real-world approach, where its clients are often engaged in day-trips to learn life-skills such as fishing trips as well as Major League Baseball games. For more information contact Inspirations for Youth at (954) 376-4783, visit and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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