Thursday, May 8, 2014

Protect Family Against Summer Burglary With 5 Safety Tips From Los Angeles Police


Sadly, burglaries in the area where I live are on the rise as temperatures increase. In fact, according to an alert that just arrived in my mailbox from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), there's a serious upward trend of more burglaries taking place in the late afternoon and evening around here. Previously I had thought that thieves almost always break in to private homes by smashing windows and/or forcing entries open. Boy was I surprised to learn otherwise...this advisory says that 40% of these recent house burglaries had open or unlocked doors and windows. 

Family Home White Picket Fence,
As my city's police department points out in their memo to homeowners, simply locking all your doors and windows when you leave your home can make a huge difference. But, that's just the beginning to increasing your chances of your family home not turning into another statistic. There's so much more you can do as warmer weather arrives to protect your family and personal property, whether you live in L.A. like I do or anywhere else.

Always lock door even if you are at home,

5 LAPD  Tips to Protect Your Home 

1. When you are at home, only leave windows open in the portion of the house that you are in and can monitor. For example, if you go upstairs to take a nap close the downstairs windows. 

2. If someone knocks on your door, answer the door without opening it. Speak loudly through the door so the person on the other side knows you are home. 

3. Install and use an audible alarm system. There are many new alarm systems that are inexpensive and can send real time alerts to your smartphone. Wireless systems allow non-permanent and wireless installation. 

4. Use timers that automatically turn on lights or televisions to make it appear that you are home. 

5. Get to know your neighbors and provide them with a contact phone number to reach you promptly if they see something suspicious around your home. Another good thing you can do is to join or start a neighborhood watch group. 

Remember to close windows when away too,
Let's Work Toward A Safe Summer
for All Our Families!

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