Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Review New Airport Peer To Peer Car Sharing Challenges Traditional Car Rental Agencies


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Whether you are a frequent flier for business and/or take an occasional flight for a family vacation trip, I can practically hear you verbalize your frustrations. Not only about the cost of airfare and airport security procedures these days, but also the added expense and aggravation of having to pay for parking at your home airport and also shelling out big money for a rental car at your destination.

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Thankfully, there is an insightful new company that gets it. Business travelers and vacationers are ready for a change for the better and FlightCar is just the ticket for frazzled U.S. consumers looking for a better, more affordable alternative to traditional car rental agencies.

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The world's first peer-to-peer car sharing company to operate at U.S. airports, FlightCar services are now available at San Francisco SFO, Boston BOS and Los Angeles LAX. Expansion into additional major airports is currently in the works.

Rujul Zaparde, FlightCar CEO, Image by FlightCar
Tapping into the company's trusted service concept, a consumer is able to easily rent your car to other pre-screened and approved travelers to make extra cash instead of leaving your car dormant at the over-priced airport extended parking lot. What's more is the travelers are offered the lowest car rental rates, the fastest service, free GPS, car seats and free liability insurance up to $1 million. Free parking and a car wash are offered even when a car sharer's vehicle isn't rented. FlightCar rental rates vary depending on the car make, model and year.

Don't Use Your Car At Home Much?
If you rarely use your car FlightCar pays up to $300 a month to rent it from you. Learn more here on how to get your idle vehicle to make some extra cash for you.

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FlightCar, founded by recent Harvard, Princeton and MIT dropouts, is backed by influential, well-known public personas such as Ashton Kutcher, Alexis Ohanian and Ryan Seacrest. To stay up on all the company's news visit FlightCar.com and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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