Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Autographer Intelligent Wearable Camera Gets Accessorized With New Mount Adapter

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Wearable technology made a huge splash at the beginning of this year at International CES, so did the nascent product niche of lifelogging devices. In fact, I first got to touch and see the Autographer, the world's first intelligent wearable cameraat this must-attend consumer electronics annual event. This is one cool hands-free piece of technology that was initially designed to be worn around the neck or to be clipped to your clothing or belt to automatically snap as many as 2000 images throughout the day with its 136-degree wide-angle camera lens.

At the Autographer booth at CES,
As of today, there's some more exciting news from the British company that invented this first-in-class consumer electronics product. Thanks to the new Autographer Mount Adapter, now you can not only wear this camera to capture all of life's spontaneous special moments. You can also securely and confidently connect this camera to a variety of third party mount accessories including tripods, bike mounts, window mounts and even bottle mounts. Just think... lifelogging literally takes on a whole new perspective (actually many new perspectives) with this brand new accessory.

Front and Back Views of Autographer with new Mount Adapter

Image from Autographer

Image from Autographer
“Great things happen when you’re least expecting it and some of the most treasured moments are rarely captured with standard cameras. We created the Mount Adapter for Autographer to help people record even more of these moments as naturally and spontaneously as they happen,” said Simon Randall, managing director of Autographer. 

Anyone seeking to digitally capture those "I wish I could have gotten that shot" moments is going to appreciate the Autographer camera. But, as a mom or dad, just think of the expanded possibilities this camera now has, especially when used with the new adapter now offered. 

Image from Autographer
You'll be able to document every day family activities like dinner table conversations complete with spilt milk, if your table is anything like ours used to be when my kids were little. You will also have the ability to capture all those momentous occasions such as your child taking his/her first steps or learning to ride a bicycle -- as well as the really big events in life like graduations, weddings and much more.

The new Autographer Mount Adapter is available now for $50 from

About Autographer
Autographer, a registered trademark of OMG plc, lists for $399 in the U.S. and is available direct from as well as from Amazon, Urban Outfitter and other retailers nationwide. The company is committed to privacy, with the Autographer camera designed to be hands-free and automatic but not to be hidden. It must be worn externally in order to take photos and its size (37.4mm x 90mm) and yellow detailing mean it is highly visible. As with any camera or smartphone, Autographer advises its customers to only take photos in appropriate locations. All of Autographer GPS data is personal to the user’s device, unless they choose to share the information via Autographer software. Every purchase of an Autographer includes an Etiquette Guide with further information on responsible and appropriate use of the device.

FTC Disclosure:  I did not receive compensation for this particular post. However, I disclose I will be receiving the Autographer, new Mount Adapter and other accessories for a forthcoming sponsored review post later.  All opinions are my own. See complete FTC Disclosure information that appears at the bottom of MommyBlogExpert's home page and at the bottom of every individual post on this blog, including this one.

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