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Mutineers David Gray Album Review - Soulful Listen Provides Refuge from Hectic Daily Life


by Benny Balazs
Lifestyle Writer

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Silent Sunset w/ Seagull, Janis Brett Elspas,
Sometimes, amidst the rush of day-to-day life, you find yourself burnt out and exhausted. It’s on one of those days where the smallest of things can set you off, and you just want some time to yourself. That is, time with David Gray’s tenth new album, Mutineers, which was just released on June 17, 2014.

Gray's voice is crystal clear, soothing, and non-intrusive, but it’s not just his voice that makes this album the perfect thing to relax and tone down to -- it’s the instrumentals behind it. The slight kick from the lower bass notes of his tunes serves as a sort of pillow to the even softer notes that he chirps.

Watch the Gulls YouTube video to sample Mutineers

I can perfectly picture his tunes in movies, serving as the backdrop to footage of someone running through a wheat field in slow motion on a beautiful day. His music, much like trance in techno, has an inimitable ability to tap into one's nostalgic sensations.

Mutineers Album Tracks 
1.  Back in The World
2.  As the Crow Flies
3.  Mutineers
4.  Beautiful Agony
5.  Last Summer
6.  Snow in Vegas
7.  Cake and Eat It
8.  Birds of the High Arctic
9.  The Incredible
10. Girl Like You
11.  Gulls

Blue Sky Dotted With Clouds, Janis Brett Elspas,
In Gray's song, Beautiful Agony, I can’t help but feel like I’m floating on a cloud, slowly drifting along with the reverberations of his vocals. I think of my childhood, and the happier, care free moments in life, and I just smile. Towards the song's end, you can hear the hi-hats slowly getting louder as they ebb the stress of the day out of your body.

Simply put, I love this album! A keeper indeed. Seriously enjoyed it. In fact, I could listen to this for hours and be at complete peace. If you need some time to relax, or just a moment to reflect on life, give this album a try. You won’t regret taking a listen, and your soul won’t either. Who knows, it might even keep wrinkles away.

Iceland Ice Bergs, Janis Brett Elspas,

Mutineers is available for download for $9.99 from iTunes  and AmazonAnd be sure to follow David Gray on the official website DavidGray.comTwitter, FacebookYouTube, and Instagram for more about the artist and his music.

About David Gray
This British bloke is a GRAMMY Award-nominated singer. In addition to releasing his latest album Mutineers, David Gray recently completed an 8-city sell out tour of the U.S. and Canada. 

Iceland Hot Springs, Janis Brett Elspas,

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