Saturday, June 14, 2014

White House Infographic Celebrates Dads Working Harder Than Ever to Balance Career & Family

Fathers Day

Infographic from

White House Front Lawn,

I love that the White House is so active in social media. Especially when it comes to sharing infographics like this one that I just received in an official email from our nation's capitol that highlights all the ways that modern dads are working harder than in past generations. For example, they are doing an hour more childcare and housework a day than daddies like mine did in the 1960s Here's to today's hard working U.S. fathers.

In honor of Father's Day today, I join the White House in encouraging you to look at this infographic and share it with your own social media community.

Happy Father's Day!

After you've looked at this, what do you thing? Please leave a comment below and share you ideas. I look forward to seeing your reactions.

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