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Parents Intro to Buying Kids Videogames & Consoles - Finding Best Options for Your Child

Video Games
A Guide for Parents

by Benny Balazs
Lifestyle Writer

1st in a multi-part series

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For you parents out there wondering about getting your kids into the world of video games, and are unsure of how to begin, this post could be quite helpful. I have been an avid gamer for most of my life, and through my personal experiences growing up, I've learned just about everything that’s needed for a kid to have a fun and healthy lifestyle with games.

Are video games worth investing in? 

There’s no way around it. Videogames cost money and every year they cost more and more. You would have to put down at least $500 for the newest in gaming tech, such as the XBox ONE or PlayStation 4, and individual games average around $60 at release. So, if dishing out that much cash isn’t an issue, then you can go full throttle and buy your child the top notch stuff.

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If you are on a budget, though, and your gamer is just starting out, I'd suggest getting some older generation hardware. Your kid doesn’t need the newest games to have fun and be entertained. If your child is young, and still new to videogames, I would suggest a handheld console such as the Nintendo 3DS. This is a fun, simple, and overall child-friendly gaming device that satisfies most kids’ needs for entertainment. But the best part is it's mobile, making this portable device perfect for long plane rides or road trips and keeping children busy while traveling for hours.

The best model of the 3DS, the 3DS XL, goes for $199 retail, but if you want an even better deal, you can always opt for the 2DS instead. The 2DS is a budget version of the 3DS that is designed for kids. It is extremely durable, built to sustain damage, and unlike its brother models, is built as one piece, without a foldable top portion that could get snapped off if your youngster is too rough. This way your kid can rough-house the device, and it’ll hold up pretty well, for the discounted price of $130 retail. 

Infinity is popular with Kids, Janis Brett Elspas, MommyBlogExpert.com
Want to save even more money with older generations of gaming equipment and game purchases? Then you might want to check resources such as eBay and Craigs List where you'll find prices that are way below retail. Also worth investigating: major store chains like GameStop that buy, trade and sell refurbished gaming equipment and also offer a huge selection of previously owned, gently used video games.

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Stay Tuned!
Future posts is this series will cover everything you want to know about videogames for your children. Upcoming topics include an explanation of the ESRB rating system, a shopping guide to headphones, cables and other gaming accessories, as well as a discussion of how young is too young for your child to start playing with video games, and more.

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