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Exotic Family Travel Made Better by Shopping at Target for Luggage Backpacks + More


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Literally, we just got off the plane a few days ago from our most recent family adventure vacation, journeying from Southern California to Alaska. 

The Alaska coast on approach to Anchorage Airport,
My hubby and I both grew up fortunate to vacation with our families at least once a year. That passion for all modes of travel by foot, land, sea and air to exotic places burned even brighter after we married. We've since passed that love of travel on to our four kids, who as teenagers have already been privileged to visit many beautiful destinations around the world: Western and Eastern Europe, Israel, Central America, Canada, Mexico, and Iceland, to name but a few.

Selfie on Surprise Glacier boat tour,
Seasoned travelers that we are, we still manage to learn at least a few new things on every trip we take. Though we came prepared with coats, long sleeve t-shirts, pants and other clothes to keep us warm, the biggest surprise this time around during our trip to the 49th state still was how cold and rainy it was there. In fact, even though it was summer when we visited and it was 90+ degrees back home, we found ourselves wearing multiple layers and winter jackets just about every time we were outside as the temperature ranged from 40-60 degrees and it rained each day of our trip.

On the way through countryside, uphill to Denali via Alaska Railroad,
Packing for a trip that is nearly the complete opposite climate where we live here in sunny Los Angeles, was quite challenging in and of itself. 

Our ATVs lined up in the rain, ready to roll through puddles & up hills, 
However, since we were doing a lot of outdoor hiking and activities like touring the glaciers on a day trip, white water rafting and driving ATV vehicles, dressing for the weather wasn't the only problem we faced. 

Late summer Alaskan Wild Currants on a nature walk,
We also required luggage for six people to transport everything we were going to need from raincoats, swimsuits, hats and boots to extra food for all the times we were in more remote areas.

SwissGear Zurich 28" Suitcase in Black & Burgundy instore at Target,
Our oldest son's brand new, poorly made baggage (not bought at Target -- purchased elsewhere at an unnamed store) arrived at Anchorage Airport with the suitcase zipper torn off sometime during its first flight. 

After that minor fiasco upon arrival, how I wished instead I had known about and invested in the rugged and functional built-to-last SwissGear Zurich 28" suitcase which sells at Target for $149.99 for him. 

Target's huge in-store selection of SwissGear Backpacks,
Don't get me wrong, that zipper snafu paled in comparison with how fabulous our vacation was overall. Nevertheless, in retrospect, I think the much better quality SwissGear luggage would have made our experience even better, especially when paired with a sturdy and roomy backpack like Target's SwissGear City Pack $39.99 to double as my son's carry on for the five hour flight north to carry his laptop, iPad Mini as well as to transport all his gear (water bottle, sunglasses, smartphone, etc) when he and his younger brother took off on a rigourous 10 mile mountain ridge hike near Denali National Park just a few days after we arrived. 

The SwissGear City Pack day backpack I recently discovered, currently featured in the Target Wedding Registryis available at the big box retailer both instore and online with free shipping if you spend $50 or more. 

Just one of the SwissGear backpacks Target offers,
Logo provided by Target 

Our next trip to the Southern Hemiphere -- with planning already in the works -- will definitely be different when it comes to upfront preparations. Early on as we map out future adventures to other exotic locales, my first stop will be to shop at Target both instore and online to make sure we have everything we need for an even more memorable journey. 

Find the right tools and accessories for your next ultimate summer adventure vacation by visiting the Target registry. I know that's where you'll find me before we travel again.

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