Friday, November 21, 2014

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy With Good Diet to Avoid Pet Accidents on the Rug


Original quotes by Dexter throughout this post

As everyone who has ever owned and loved a dog knows, having a four-legged member of the family can be loads of fun and enhances living especially on the darkest of days. What's not to love about a pup that's always there, that keeps you warm in bed, that doesn't talk back like the kids do, and that loves you unconditionally even on your super bad hair days? Yeah, I'm talking about your pet and mine. I know for sure that our sweet devil of a Miniature Pinscher dog Dexter is all that and much more.

"I look so innocent and sweet,"
With such an adorable little fellow, who loves to eat just about any kind of fresh and healthy fruit or vegetable, you may think his nickname, Mr. Baklava - Pumpkin Pie is an oxymoron and is all about his cuteness. Trust me, you and I are both being just a tiny bit delusional if we believe that. 

"That Baklava made my tummy hurt,"
The truth is it's more about this small 12 pound dog's notoriety, because he has the super power to climb buildings in a single bound (ahem, I mean counters and tables) and eat more than a very hungry grown man. Yes, this innocent looking puppy can hop 6 feet vertically and can literally gobble down in record time just about anything in sight -- whether it is 1000 calories worth of the freshly baked baklava I left on the kitchen counter or two-thirds of a delicious pumpkin cream pie that quickly levitated without the help of any hands from the breakfast table to the floor recently while I was blogging and my kids were doing their homework at their desks.

"Not feeling so well after my latest little snack,"
I thought we were done with this pigging out phase because each time I caught the Big D in the act and reprimanded him on the spot. No such luck. Just a few days ago I was settling in at my computer to work on this post. All of a sudden I heard some very suspicious rustling in the kitchen which quickly snapped me out of writer's block mode. So I ran to see what was going on and to my disbelief (actually I wasn't that surprised) I saw that canine was at it again! This time he'd jumped up onto the kitchen counter and was coming in the homestretch of finishing off a smorgasbord of fixings for a Mexican tostada dinner that my 17 year-old chef of a daughter had prepared for the five of us as a school cooking assignment. 

"It's always dinnertime somewhere," MommyBlogExpert
Ole! That rat of a dog sure can scarf it down: shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, grated cheddar cheese, homemade refried beans, veggie faux beef crumble, guacamole, and a tortilla or two for good measure. You guessed it, when an animal has an unhealthful diet like that instead of eating good food like Royal Canin -- which is specially formulated for dogs -- it can make them sick resulting in consequences for your pet and you. Payback that goes beyond the illness itself... like the kind of unspeakable mess we found on the floors and rug after each of darling Dexter's eating sprees, AKA the Big Three: poo, pee and barf.

"My friend having a morning after moment,"
In the case of our devious one, we knew exactly what had caused all the bodily chaos and we did not need to take him to the doggie doctor to be treated. However when your dog has an upset stomach with serious symptoms like excessive diarrhea and ultra smelly flatulence and you're not sure why, it's important to take him/her to the veterinarian pronto to find out what's going on with their gastro intestinal tract. Then follow the doctor's orders to take the proper steps to prevent more home accidents. In fact, regular vet visits to keep your beloved pet healthy are key even if they don't show any signs of sickness.

"Make sure to eat your veggies,"
My family needs to simply retrain our delinquent dog to deal with his eating behavior issues. But when your dog or mine is just plain old sick, science is usually the best way to investigate any issue your dog may have. You'll find that just seeking out some good pet health nutrition information can be very empowering.

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