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Light in the Dark Game App Review Family Friendly Gaming from Dreamgate Studios


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I'm an extremely busy mom and lifestyle blogger that needs to jump off that fast moving train every once in awhile to relax and regenerate. The new Light in the Dark game app from Aussie developer Dreamgate Studios that I recently had the chance to try out for the first time on my iPad 2 turned out to be just the thing to indulge in a little me time. The game is available not only for iOS, but also Android and Windows mobile devices so just about everyone has the opportunity to experience this for yourselves.

This entertaining and color infused puzzle app that takes place against the backdrop of a Pharaoh's tomb in Egypt populated by lovable cartoon characters. The object of the mind game is to help the Totems (a colorful undiscovered species) find their cute little lost children by tapping on and moving a series of on-screen boxes and mirrors to bend light. 

Along the way the aim is to "light up the baby" by moving the adult Totems into position so they shine light directly on the baby to progress. To unlock all content, in addition to the baby totems, gamers also need to spotlight stars on each level.

Watch this engaging game in action...

With each increasingly difficult level, it's not as straight forward because there are adorable mummies and other monsters that keep getting in the way. That's precisely what makes this so fun to play. You need to be forever more clever and work smarter to figure out new ways to manipulate the light as it bounces off walls, to blend two lights together or to block the light to rescue the baby.

The 1.5.0 version of the game features 96 challenging puzzles and 120 progressively more difficult levels, with more coming soon. If you get stuck or just want a little help there are some free hints you can tap into. But if you're really struggling, you might want to take advantage of the most popular in-app purchase options which include 3 hints for $0.99 and 10 hints for $2.99.

Having to keep moving forward to make progress that unlocks the next challenge really kept me motivated as I worked through several levels of this mobile puzzle game. This entertaining app, because it has so many variables, is easy enough for kids or novice adults to play at the beginning levels. 

But those who are more experienced will really enjoy the game, as well, as it demands advanced strategy and skills as you proceed. I really like that it has a social media element, too, making it possible to easily share your scores with rivals and friends on both Facebook and Twitter.

I look forward to continuing to play this some more in the coming months. I'm equally excited about the updates coming out soon that Dreamgate Studios has in the works now.

About Light in the Dark
The Light in the Dark app by Dreamgate Studios is priced at just $1.99. The game is available from the App Store (iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPod 5th generation - iOS 6.0 or higher required), Google Play (Android 2.3 and up) and Windows (Windows Phone 8 and 8.1). Stay up to date on everything Dreamgate Studios is doing by visiting the company website as well as following the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

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