Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How to Get FAST Relief from Flu Symptoms Like Pain and Upset Stomach Product Review


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With influenza season arriving, it couldn't be a more important time to not only get a flu shot but to also have the proper remedies and pain relief on hand when illness strikes. Pain and upset stomach, in particular, are the things young and old dread most about being sick-- including my family.
Unfortunately the reality is that sometimes, even with the proper precautions, you or a loved one still gets sick. When that happens, it's a relief to know you can navigate and ease the suffering with two new over the counter fast-acting, FDA compliant liquid medicine products: First Aid Shot Therapy Pain Relief and First Aid Shot Therapy Upset Stomach ReliefBoth F.A.S.T. treatments are different than other OTC products you may have tried.
FAST Pain Relief is a liquid, so there are no pills to swallow. Pain relief is delivered with a unique combination of Choline Salicylate, a non steroidal anti-inflamatory drug NSAID and Caffeine, a pain relief aid. But the best part is that because it is in berry flavored fluid form, it goes down easily, works in minutes and is absorbed into the bloodstream five times faster than aspirin in pill form.

FAST Shot Therapy comes in natural Berry Flavor,
In the case of drinkable peppermint and ginger flavor FAST Upset Stomach Relief -- which is based on the G.I. cocktail administered in hospitals -- you'll no longer have to chew those awful chalky anti-acid tablets or swallow that equally yucky neon pink thick gooey stuff that comes in a bottle. The FAST stomach relief formula blends Calcium Carbonate and the natural flavors of peppermint and ginger with a hint of chocolate, making it easy to down without gagging between gulps.

FAST Shot Therapy Upset Stomach Peppermint Ginger Flavor,
For Moms, Travelers, Athletes & Business People

Each of these FAST Liquid Relief products come in 1.35 fluid ounce single shot bottles to pop in your pocket or handbag, making them ideal for both men and women on the go. For example, the TSA security friendly convenient size makes these easy to carry on if you will be traveling by plane. Even if none of my family are sick when we travel this holiday season, I think I should bring these along just in case... because the misery of illness isn't only uncomfortable for the sick one, it can ruin the entire vacation for everyone.

Happy, Healthy Trails to You!
About First Aid Shot Therapy
For more about FAST products and detailed label information, visit the company's official website. Stay up to date on news about these medicines, too, on Facebook and Twitter.
Available at and 500 retailers nationwide, check the store locator for the closest location to you. 

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