Monday, January 26, 2015

Avoid SuperBowl Party Overeating With 6 Tips for Your Family from Dr Steve Feyrer-Melk


No matter whether you're rooting for the Seattle Seahawks or the New England Patriots, The Big Game creates the perfect excuse to be together as a family and share moments, laughs, and of course -- that All-American favorite: food. But did you know that the average fan eats 1,200 calories and 50 grams of fat during the typical Sunday Super Bowl game?

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This year, Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk of Android Health & Fitness app Nudge provides the following tips to help you avoid overeating during your football watching celebration and stay healthy as a family.

Have a healthy mid-morning snack like a greek yogurt, or cup of cottage cheese. Don’t starve yourself and “save up” your calories. You want to go to the party in a state of nutritional equilibrium, not a caloric deficit. Olga Klyuchtis' healthy tropical smoothie is a great recipe that incorporates greek yogurt in a delicious way.

Hit the veggie tray! Try baking this Melissa d' Arabian Crispy Kale Chips recipe for a fun, tasty and anything-but-boring twist on the traditional veggie platter.

Avoid the chips and switch them for a yummy substitute like some delicious and colorful Oven Baked Carrots and Sweet Potato Fries and the aforementioned Kale Chips.

Avoid cheeses and sauce dips each tablespoon is most likely 50 or more calories of not-so-healthy-nacho cheese!

Choose whole grain buns and limit the number. If you can go without the extra carbs, definitely do it.

Choose snacks higher in protein like chicken wings, shrimp and lean meat. Try Serena Wolf's Summer Salad with Avocado and Grilled Shrimp or Olga Klyuchtis' Easy Baked Chicken Wings for healthy and flavorsome alternatives. 
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About Nudge's Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk 
Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk is a health practitioner with over 20 years of experience and Chief Science Officer of Nudge, leading health app that collects and sorts data from the most popular health and fitness apps on the market. Dr. Steve currently practices at Optimal Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center in Scottsdale, Arizona where he develops lifestyle and health programs for his clients.

As an FYI-- these recipes (except for the Kale Chips, which comes from were pulled from, dubbed the “Siri of cooking apps.” SideChef reads aloud all recipe directions navigating you through each recipe to completion just like a car’s GPS.

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