Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Family Travel New Zealand Kids & Parents Learn How Bees Make Honey at Honey Centre


It's true. Traveling as a family not only enhances living and broadens our knowledge of the world, it creates memories that last a lifetime and bonds us with our children. One good example of this concept is the Honey Centre in Warkworth, an easy one hour or less drive north of Auckland along Highway 1.
Start your visit at this free roadside attraction with a close up view of a working beehive, teeming with thousands of bees who harvest nectar from wild Manuka Trees which are native exclusively to New Zealand and southeast Australia. This is the largest live display of its type in all of New Zealand. Not to worry about getting too close. No one is going to get stung on the nose because there's a huge glass viewing window separating you from the swarm.
Without an app or smartphone interact with your kids IRL (in real life) the old-fashioned way by playing an impromptu game of "I Spy" to see who can find the single queen bee first. If you need a hint to locate her or have questions about honey making, the knowledgable and friendly staff members are there to help. As you watch these busy insects, be sure to take a look at the well-done informational displays around the room to learn more.
After you've seen with your own eyes honey in the making, take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy free samples of more than a dozen types of exotic honey ranging from boysenberry and kiwi flavored to an alcoholic natural butterscotch drizzle.

These reasonably priced honeys are all available for sale in the giftshop so be sure to stock up on your favorites to bring home for yourself and as gifts for others.
Speaking of the giftshop, you'll be hard-pressed to find a wider selection of honey and bee themed products anywhere in New Zealand or elsewhere in the world. Here you'll not only be able to choose from rows upon rows of different types of natural honey, you'll be able to buy candy, cookies, honey flavor liquor and other edibles made with nature's sweetener.
You will also discover beautiful honey pots, honey-based beauty treatments and soap, bee venom, different types of beeswax candles and much more. Moms, dads and kids especially will appreciate the nicely-stocked children's toys and educational section with a bee theme.
When you're done watching the bees and shopping in the giftshop, if you still haven't had your fill of bees and honey and have a bit more time, there's always the adjoining Honey Cafe. Here you can purchase a healthy lunch and the kids can climb aboard the coin-operated bumblebee ride before the family piles back into the car to continue your journey.
About the Honey Centre Warkworth
Allow 30-90 minutes to fully enjoy this place. Located at 7 Perry Road, RD 3, Warkworth, 0983, New Zealand; phone 09 425 8003; email Learn more about the Honey Centre, which also offers online shopping with international shipping, by visiting the brand's official website or Facebook page. Open 8:30 am - 5:00 pm daily year round except Christmas.

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