Monday, February 9, 2015

Giant Baymax PopUp in Beverly Hills Launches Disney Big Hero 6 Digital Bluray Releases


By Rebecca Elspas
Arts & Culture Writer

All images by Rebecca Elspas, except as indicated otherwise

What’s big, white, friendly, and chubby? No, it’s not an extra-large Olaf the Snowman from Frozen —It’s  a 40-foot giant Baymax that popped up in Beverly Hills to celebrate the release of the big screen hit animated feature film Big Hero 6 on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere (Feb. 3) and Blu-ray Combo Pack (Feb. 24)! As Disney’s newest (and cutest) superhero, Baymax must join with a group of superheroes, dubbed the Big Hero 6, also the title of the film, to save the world.
After watching only the movie trailer I was fan-girling over Baymax. And, when I heard about the opportunity to see a mega-sized version of him nearby my home, I just had to go!

Sure enough, centered on the corner of Olympic and Santa Monica Boulevard, in the heart of Beverly Hills, there he was!  Towering over the crowd, standing proud and weighing more than 300 pounds, Baymax’s round black eyes and chubby white body were very apparent—with the words “Big Hero 6” stamped on his chest and #MeetBaymax on his back. I couldn’t help but look upward at the gargantuan inflatable standing right before my eyes which made his debut in Beverly Hills and is slated to travel to more than 13 cities coast to coast.

Giant Baymax Beverly Hills popup,

The directors of the film, Don Hall and Chris Williams, and producer, Roy Conli, paid Baymax a warm visit as well, and shared the story of the journey they had creating Baymax from its inception to the premiere in Tokyo. They talked about Baymax’s caring personality, and how that fed the storyline with some humor alongside the action.

Stemming from what the directors called “a passion of mind and labor of love,” the idea of Baymax, they say, “began about 3 and a half years ago, but really started 40 years ago.”

Rebecca w/ Big Hero 6 Producer & Directors, MommyBlogExpert

Currently number one in the United Kingdom, Korea, and Japan, Baymax has made audiences from around the globe fall in love with his friendly, na├»ve, and comedic persona. “Baymax is our most compassionate character, as that compassion wears off on you,” Director Williams points out.

Before the directors and producers left for lunch, I thanked them for creating an iconic work of art, as well as such a lovable character as Baymax. We joked around about Baymax’s adorable personality, and afterwards I even got to snap some photos and a quick selfie with them!

Image from Walt Disney Animation Studios 
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Download Disney's adorable free Baymax Big Hero 6 printable origami art project. To learn more about the movie Big Hero 6 visit the official website, visit them on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

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